Best Vacation Destinations For Solo Travelers

Sometimes we all need to get away and take a much-needed vacation. And while it’s fun to travel with friends and family, there is a certain kind of joy that comes with taking a solo vacation. Rather than having a lot of scheduled activities to tackle as a group, you can explore at your own pace and do whatever jumps out at you. Here are some of the best vacation destinations for lone wolves.


Visiting the great city of Rome is a must and should go on everyone’s bucket list. This is a fantastic opportunity for solo travelers to explore historic sites all on their lonesome. They can take a tour of The Colosseum, where gladiators once competed against each other, or see the wondrous Vatican, a milestone in architecture. The ruins of Pompeii are an interesting and thought-provoking site, and when one gets hungry, there is an assortment of fine restaurants to appease your appetite.

New York City

If you want to stay inside the states, New York City is an excellent U.S. destination to explore by yourself. The busy city is so large that there are a nearly limitless number of activities to keep one occupied. There are countless tours and museums to admire, as well as famous structures like The Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and the 9/11 Memorial Exhibit. You might decide to catch a show on Broadway, or even walk the streets of Times Square and experience the nightlife. The Big Apple is exciting, bustling, and full of possibilities.


The capital of Greece is famous for its incredible ruins and being one of the oldest remaining cities. A solo traveler cannot visit Athens without stopping by the Parthenon and the Erechtheion, which are world-renowned. You can explore the waterfront and center of the city, which is full of people and shops alike or grab a bite to eat and drink and relax a little. The city is also home to popular archeological museums, such as the Acropolis Museum. Make the time to see The Temple of Hephaestus before you leave, too, or you’ll regret it!


While these are all excellent travel destinations for solo adventurers, there are plenty of other fantastic places to visit; California, Hawaii, Mexico, and Italy are great choices. No matter which destination you choose, you can bet you will be doing quite a bit of walking. Be sure to dress appropriately, like putting on comfortable attire and shoes (you don’t want to need heel spur surgery immediately upon returning home). If you’re thinking of taking a vacation by yourself, consider checking these options out!