What To Wear In Europe (On A Budget, Compact And Traveling)

If you are traveling Europe with small luggage only then you are going to be able to save so much money on the fees which you pay for flights and you will also save a great deal of hassle and energy in carrying it around. Whilst there are clear benefits to this, it does of course pose the challenge of what to pack in order to ensure that you can squeeze it all into a small bag, whilst also ensuring that you have everything that you need for your journey. This is a tough balance to find and here are my tips on finding it.


Only 2 pairs of shoes can be afforded here, with a pair of flip-flops as well. The first pair of shoes should be sturdy, supple and comfortable, flip-flops which are bendy and easily stored and a pair of smarter shoes which can be worn on dates or nights out, again these will have to be pretty flexible so that they squeeze into your bag.


Your secret weapon in dealing with this challenge is to rely on multi-purpose clothing which will keep you covered in a number of different climates and situations. For example rip of pants are a brilliant idea, and they will cover you for so many climates. In truth I’d recommend going heavier on shorts than trousers for men, as shorts in coldish weather still works. Girls have more of a choice here is little skirts can be balled up into tiny sizes, easy to transport.


Europe’s climate changes a great deal from country to country but unless you are traveling trough the winter or up in northern Europe, you are unlikely to meet cold weather with is going to require a heavy duty coat or anything as chunky as that. What I would recommend therefore is that you invest in a nice wool jumper, warm and not too chunky, and then that you buy a cagoule which you take with you in case of rain or in case you need some extra warmth. Cagoules can be packed into a tiny bag and they offer great protection from high wind and rain, they are also incredibly light.


Regarding toiletries the best advice that I can give is to buy some small plastic bottles of 100ml, and then purchase shampoo or shower gel when you arrive in a country, and decant it into your smaller bottles. This will ensure that you are able to get through customs with ease and you can avoid the higher prices which they charge for travel sized toiletries. Taking big bottles is not just heavier but it is also more cumbersome and will take up a lot of space. This is why I’d recommend picking up some low cost, empty plastic bottles which you can take away with you.

The key here is to pack smart, do that and you will be able to travel with ease with your small suitcase or bag.