Nominate the Best Travel-Work-Online Blogs of 204

I think that the travel community should always look to come together as one when it looks to inspire others to bring themselves out of their lives and onto this digital nomad road and that is why I always enjoy sharing the love.

Throughout the blogging world there are some amazing people who do creative and exciting things and travel bloggers are no different. As usual this year I will be posting my list of travel blogs which I think that you should experience and this year I want to do something a little different and I need the help of you all.


I’d like to start branching out somewhat in terms of the categories that I put forward of people who I believe that you should follow and this year in particular I want us to focus on these men and women, boys and girls who are out there working on the road, and finding the way to make money online. We are seeing a shape rise in ways and means to earn online and I think that the broader range of travel bloggers who make their money on the web, the better off we will all be.

Reaching Out

The reason for this piece today then is that I cannot possibly follow all of the amazing travel blogs which are out there, as much as I do try to keep up to date with what people are doing. For that reason I would absolutely love it if you guys helped me to compile this list, and I want as many of you to send in those blogs which are of people who travel and who make money online.


I want you to send me in those blogs of people who inspire you to do something better, who entertain you and who you admire and respect. It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that because you make money online and travel that this is everyone’s dream, I know that not to be the case. Having said this you can still inspire people even if you are not telling them to come on the same journey and those are also the people who I want you to share with me.

Feel free to list your fave blogs below, I’ll check them out and the when I compile the list I’ll do my best to feature as many as I can, thank you in advance for your help with this.