Why Learning About Inbound Marketing Is Crucial

The 21st century is a much different time for marketers and advertisers. You used to be able to put an ad in the newspaper for a dishwasher, people would see it, and then they would come to enter your store to purchase it; however, that’s not really the case anymore. Advances in technology have drastically changed the marketing landscape, but not for the worst. Inbound marketing is allowing businesses to spend their marketing dollars more efficiently and can target the people who want their products the most. Whether you’re trying to market the best appetite suppressants for women from RCMC Medical or the best off-road tires for a Jeep, inbound marketing will be able to help. How is this possible? Let’s take a closer look at how inbound marketing works and why it’s important to know about it.

Inbound vs Outbound

In the olden days, marketing and advertising were primarily outbound. Interrupting. Annoying. In-your-face. Similar to how P.T. Barnum would shout about his ventures in a crowded public square, hoping that someone would hear him through the noise. Even though radio and tv ads could partially target who they wanted to reach, it was still outbound marketing, trying to get their product in front of people of might or might not want it. But that’s where inbound marketing comes in. How can I find the people most likely to buy my product or service? With the invention of the internet and search engines, people can look for things they need easier than ever.

Utilizing Inbound Marketing

Basically, inbound marketing is advertising to people who are already looking for a similar product or service that you sell. SEO (search engine optimization) is a great way to inbound market. This means that making your website is prioritized on search engines for a specific wording or phrase. You can also pay for ads that cost for every click the website receives. Also, creating free, informative content is a great way to draw people in who are already interested in your field of business. Creating great pieces of content (Youtube videos, informative pamphlets, Q&As, etc.) will help customers build trust in your business and can help convert leads into customers. Do you still want more information in regards to marketing and the digital landscape? Here is How to choose the right social media platform for your business.