Want to Be Working Online in 2021? Start Here.

There is no doubt at all that without the ability work online, the life which I have with my family just wouldn’t be possible at all. If any of you have been following us and you’d like to learn how to get started with an online income then this post is for you.

There are so many benefits to working online such as the freedom to roam as we do, the chance to make as much money as you can, not to mention the absolute flexibility of being your own boss and doing things on your terms. If this sounds like the kind of lifestyle that you would like then don’t feel bad if you have no real skills which you think are needed online, there is an array of tasks and responsibilities which you can take on, and here is how to get started.


There is absolutely no rush to getting started with your work online and that is why you should look to invest at least a couple of months upskilling yourself. Take a look at the range of ways in which you can work online, and pick one which befits your character. You could choose web design, social media management, virtual assistant, online content writer or even set up your own dropshipping company. The point here is to pick something you think you’ll be good at, and then invest some time, and possibly a little bit of cash in learning more about that world. The stronger the foundations are, the bigger chance you will have of doing well.

Reaching Out

Always remember that the internet is a community, this is why it is called the world wide web, because of those connections. With this in mind, reaching out to people who run online businesses and people who work online is going to be a great way of breaking into the community and of gaining some great insights. Sure people may ignore you, not reply, they may even be rude, but that’s how things work and if you don’t try, then you won’t get those occasional nuggets of sage advice which can infinitely help you.

Smart Gear

We all love to save our dollars, but there is a fine line between grabbing a bargain and being ripped off because you’re being too frugal. Choosing the latter option can result in your changing your technology way too often, causing unnecessary headaches and lost data.

Prevention is much better than cure, be sure to do your due diligence on the best gaming laptop deals online so that you are fully armed with the best gear as you continue on your digital nomad journey.


Even if you do have grand plans to start your own online business, the first thing that I would always recommend is to get a bit of freelance work under your belt. You could do some online writing, some virtual assistant work or any number of different tasks online to help people out, make contacts and allow you to dip your toe in the online world, to try and make some sense of it and to gain some experience of how people do things.

These would be the three areas that I would focus on at this early stage. Remember not to rush anything, take your time to work on exactly what you want to do, and then aim all of your time and your focus on that. Good luck and feel free to fire any questions my way.