So You Want to Be a Freelancer?

So, you’ve seen the success which so many people have had online and you fancy yourself as something of a freelancer? Perhaps you are looking at learning some skills to become a freelancer and you aren’t sure where to start.

Well first of all you are making a fabulous decision as the life of an online freelancer is so great. You will work on your time, you will be able to work from home, a cafe or any public space you like, no boss, no commute and certainly no ceiling to what you could be earning, and here are some tips on doing it best.

Big Field

For the purpose of this piece we will focus on those freelancers who are looking to do content writing, the most common job found online. Now in the field of freelancing there is a lot of competition, why? Because everyone wants a slice of this lifestyle. Now in order perform well and to find great clients, it is essential that you are prepared to take any jobs that come your way in order to build up a portfolio of experience which will help you to secure future clients . You will need to place value on yourself but at the beginning there is no justification for charging high prices for tasks which clients need, as they have no reason to confide in you.

Basic Rules

It is going to be essential that you stick to these basics if you wish to keep getting money from clients going forward. You have to be accurate with your work, grammatically correct if writing, sticking to instructions on the tasks, to the letter. You are also going to need to be super tight with your deadlines, and aim to deliver everything early. If you deliver poor quality work or late work then you cannot expect to receive more work going forward, as there are many people in the queue behind you who want it more and can deliver it better.

Branching Out

There is no reason to just stick to one type of freelance gig, and the truth is that if you spread your wings then you may be able to count on more work than if you only focus on 1 particular task. Let’s say that you start off with writing, why not learn video editing on the side, or social media management? Very often the same clients are looking for a multitude of freelancers, and you may very well be able to provide a Swiss Army Knife-style service for them.

The biggest recommendation that I can give you here is that you just try as many things as possible, learn as much as you can before you launch into a freelancing career and always look for the next thing. Assuming that you are able to deliver high quality work, you are going to be just fine, now get out there and change your life for the better, you deserve it!