Why Property Maintenance Services in Spain Are Essential for Absentee Owners

Owning a second home in Spain is a dream come true for many. Still, in these unprecedented times of COVID and Brexit, in some circumstances, the dream could quickly become a nightmare, as visiting your property as often as you would like is not possible.

In your absence, problems can arise – water damage, electrical issues and bug infestations are typical problems here in Spain and can devalue a property.

Property maintenance is an essential element of owning a home, but how do you manage if your second home is 1800 miles away?

Professional maintenance for javea property services – why absent owners need them

  1. a) To ensure your property receives the best possible attention and care so you can relax knowing your home is in safe hands.
  2. b) A home that is visited regularly is less prone to be targeted by burglars.
  3. c) If you are not in Spain, you need to know there is someone nearby who you can trust to make sure everything goes smoothly. Whether the toilet will not flush, a window is broken, or the pool pump breaks down, you need someone there who will get it fixed as quickly as possible.
  4. d) To maintain the home free from weather conditions, mainly damp and mould growth, which is a notable problem in some Spanish homes.

When you arrive at your second home, it is doubtful that you want to spend time cleaning, fixing up, and hiring contractors instead of relaxing and having fun, so employing a property management company can be of great benefit.

Professional home care companies can arrange for tradespeople to take care of any specific problems on your behalf, leaving you to enjoy your Spanish home.

With keyholding, cleaning, and general property management covered, all your family must do is arrive ready for a refreshing and relaxing holiday.

Is It worth paying for a management and maintenance services contract?

A Property management service gives owners peace of mind – a local number for guests holidaying at the property to call, and ‘your eyes in Spain’, regularly checking on the property.

Many owners rely on the basis that they bought a ‘new’ property, and therefore things will not go wrong. However, decline begins the day that building stops, and anything can, and does, go wrong.

During property inspections throughout the year, maintenance or repair requirements may arise. A maintenance company will communicate these to you immediately and will provide you with quotes for work that needs doing. Emergency work will be started immediately, depending on the circumstance.

Cleaners and maintenance staff will guarantee that your property is prepared and cleaned for your arrival to the high standards you would expect in a hotel.

There is a huge difference between a professional property management company and your friend in the next street. How will you approach your friend when things go wrong – can you expect him to help when he is doing you a favour?

Many owners choose the friend first to cut costs, and switch to a professional company when things start to go wrong. Many owners who tried to cut corners tell of their homes rented out without their knowledge, properties not being adequately cleaned when paying guests arrived, and occasions, when clients who have booked and paid for a holiday arrive at their destination to find there are no keys and they are unable to contact the person who rented the home to them.

Property maintenance companies offer a full range of home care services and many give price discounts with an annual management contract. This is a service worth paying for, for your peace of mind.