How to Get Your Child to Connect with Nature

The rise of technology has seen more and more children spending their time looking at screens rather than playing outside. While tech is great for some areas of childhood, including education and communication, it’s also unhealthy for your kids to be on their phones and laptops all the time. One way to get your child outside more is to get them to connect with nature, and here is how you can do that.

Buy Nature Books

Educational, interesting nature books are an easy way to get your child interested in the outdoors. Choose ones with bright pictures and simple descriptions so they can learn the basic facts, and if they show a deep interest, you can purchase ones with more detail. Once they have flicked through some nature books, the chances are they’ll be eager to get outside and see it all for themselves!

Get a Pond

If you want your child to experience nature first-hand every day, then install a pond in your garden. A pond will bring about all sorts of local creatures, including birds, frogs, and a variety of insects. You could even keep a notebook together to document all the wildlife you see around the water.

When getting a pond, you must be aware of safety measures around kids and buy the correct equipment, including an oase filter and a pump system.

Take Walks in Nature

Get into the habit of taking frequent walks with your kid. Go to your nearby woods and park, and take note of any creatures and plants you see. Make it a regular activity and something to look forward to; for example, every Sunday, go for a walk and then follow it up with ice cream!

Get a Bird-Feeder

Attract birds to your garden by placing a bird-feeder in a tree. Each morning, take a look outside the window with your child and look for any birds that are feeding. Over time, you’ll spot a variety of species, building your child’s knowledge of British wildlife.

Watch Nature Documentaries

You don’t always have to venture outside to build a bond with nature. By getting your kid to watch nature documentaries, you open their education to all parts of the world. They will get to experience the sight of lions, elephants, and deep-sea creatures – something they cannot experience from a walk to the local park!

Garden Together

Start a hobby of gardening with your child. Teach them about all the different plants and how to look after them, and give them their little patch of garden to look after. Not only will it teach them about nature, but it will also teach them responsibility.

Educate Yourself

One of the most crucial steps in building a bond between nature and your child is to educate yourself first. By doing this, you will be able to answer the questions your kid may have. Also, children are imitators, so if you show a keen interest in wildlife and the outside, they will, too.