Reasons why Supply Chain Integration Has Changed The Game

Within the world of businesses that fall within the supply there is one advancement which has completely changed the game. That advancement has been supply chain integration, the bringing together of companies that fall within the chain and connecting them in a way that had never been done before. There has been such an effort over the years to increase the efficiency and the speed of the supply chain and in terms of searching for solutions there have been none which have been able to achieve what this has.

Here then is exactly how this software has been able to change the game.

Improved Collaboration

At the crux of this software is the increase ini collaboration which we see between those business which fall within the supply chain. Beyond this there is also the additional visibility which it has created. This is important because of so many reasons such an increase in customer satisfaction – in some cases as high as 35% better –  higher accuracy of production and delivery, not to mention the ability to meet demand at greater speed.

Waste Reduction

Owing to the increased accuracy and the leaner practices which supply chain integration allows, there is a clear reduction in waste, both in terms of materials and in human resources. Supply chain integration allows us to increase the agility of our operation in order to meet with what our partners are looking to get from us. Owing to this increased accuracy we are able to get a much better idea as to what they want and deliver as such, without overdoing it and creating waste.


It has never been easier than right now to scale up and down our processes and that increased flexibility makes us very attractive companies to work with. As the brilliant Chirantan Basu of the Houston Chronicle rightly said:

Tight supply chain integration gives management operational flexibility to respond rapidly to external events, such as the actions of competitors and changes in customer demand,” Basu went on to say. “Companies can gather intelligence through their supply chains, which allows them to be generally aware of what their competitors are planning months in advance.

Cost Saving, Increased Revenue

There are many costs associated with waste which can be easily reduced and we can also use supply chain integration to seriously increase revenue costs. This revenue comes from increased customer satisfaction and the improvement in visibility enables business to deliver for their partners and their customers on time on to a high standard, essentially delivering what they want, before they even know it. Ultimately the key to making more money for businesses in the supply chain come down to those which are prepared to find the way to increase productivity, efficiency, speed and the quality of their production, and that is exactly what supply chain integration is able to do.

This is why when we talk about this integration, the phrase game changer instantly comes to mind, because that is just what it as done.