Reduce Carbon Footprint With Simple Tips Like These

To reduce carbon footprint and the damage which the release of those dangerous gases into the atmosphere cause, we can follow some very simple tips in our personal life. Whilst it is true that much of the damage which is created is actually cause by many big businesses and governments should certainly be doing more to combat that, we must realize that there are many things that all of us can do which will greatly to save the planet and to live a much greener lifestyle. These are just some tips which you can follow.

Education of Companies

One of the most important ways in which you can help to minimize the damage which the worst offending companies create, is to learn about which have the poorest practices and take your custom away from them. If there are clothing companies who are causing huge damage to the planet then we have two stop buying from them, and cut off the demand which keeps them going.

Meat Industry

Many of you may not be aware but the meat industry causes an enormous amount of damage to the planet and it is time that we all took action to minimize it. We all watched in shock last year when we saw hectares upon hectares of Amazon rainforest being razed, yet few of us recognized what that was really about. That land was being cleared to plant soy crops, and those soy crops were planted in order to feed the animals before they are slaughtered. Reduce your meat consumption, go vegan or veggie, or at the very least be sure that you are getting your meat from a responsible farmer who runs a sustainable farm.

Food Miles

Do you know just how far food has traveled to arrive on your plate? Very few of us do and the reality is that you would be shocked if you had a clear picture of just how much food travels to get to us. This is why there is always such an emphasis on buying local, in order to both support the local economy but also in order to reduce the amount of miles which food has to travel. Food travel means jet fuel and that means danger to the o-zone layer, buy local and help to reduce this as much as possible.


The more energy that is used around the home the more fossil fuels that are burned and the more greenhouse gases which are let out into the air. We can reduce this with simple actions in the one such as adding a timer to your heating, adding extra layers instead of using the heating and turning off devices when they are not in use. These are very simple tips which are going to make a mark, especially if everyone gets on board and does the same thing.

This is how we can attack the dangers of a carbon footprint, one step at a time.