Top Things To Look For In Furnished Corporate Housing

If you are heading off to work in another city or state for any longer than a week then I would always recommend that you seek out furnished corporate housing as a place to lay your head and to enjoy yourself whilst you are away. A hotel is fine of course but sooner or later you will get sick of staring at the same walls, of eating out 3 times a day and in reality there is only so much time that one can take being inside a hotel. When you do look for furnished corporate housing, there are some important aspects to think about when you search for furnished corporate housing and here is what you should bear in mind.

Not Perfect

The idea of seeking a furnished property in which to stay is about finding somewhere that is homely. This however should not be mistaken with finding a place which is like your home. If you try and seek out the perfect color choice which you would opt for then you are not going to get anywhere that you really like, so it is important to manage your expectations here.


In my experience it is always better to choose a place which has a single point of contact with regards to management. I have stayed in places where they have a number of managers who work different days, and ultimately this becomes very confusing and highly problematic. Invariably there are going to be moments during your stay when you need some advice or you need to find out what is going on, and the last thing that you need is to have to go through a network of people to find an answer.


One trick which I have discovered that many corporate rentals will do, is to make the place look absolutely stunning, spacious and well designed. They do this to tempt you in to staying here and it is only afterwards that you realize that the place may look great, but it is absolutely nowhere near anything. There will not be time for you to learn the ropes about your new location and the ideal corporate housing spot is one which is well connected to amenities and close to the place where you will be working. Always ensure that you keep an eye out for location as much as comfort.

Fully Prepared

The idea of staying in corporate housing is about staying in a property which is fully fit for purpose. This means a fully functioning washing machine, a kitchen with sufficient cooking materials and a space which is actually livable. Yes it is great if the place also looks great with regards to design, but make sure that you do not place style over the function of the property. Always be sure to check what facilities the place has before you decide whether or not you plan to stay there.

If you get this right then you can ensure that you will be very comfortable during your stay.