David Cates – Why You Should Speak Up If You’ve Had An Accident At Work

You don’t have to look very far in this country to see a sign which is asking you if you have ever had an accident at work, and this has actually blighted the profession somewhat. Thankfully there are many lawyers like David Cates who do specialize in this industry, who avoids these in your face tactics. Owing to this kind of aggressive strategy many in fact do not wish to bring up the fact that they have had an accident in the workplace, nor do they pursue legal action.

With this being said however, staying silent following an accident at work is one of the worst things that you can do, and here is why it is so important that you speak up.

Prevention Of Future Issues

One of the main reasons why you should ensure that you say something following an accident at work is so that the issue which lead to the accident can be resolved. Very often a business may say that they are going to investigate fully and take action where required, but they rarely actually do it. Should this be the case with your employer then they are going to be putting someone else at risk in the future. If however you bring legal attention to the issue then the business will have to remedy the cause of the accident, be it large or small.


Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that everyone in the workplace is kept safe. It is for this reason that so many protocols and practices are put in place. If they have failed in their commitment to doing this then you are well within your rights to bring attention to it. After all if you don’t do this, who will?


The reason why this particular branch of law gets a bad rep is that so many think that people lie or exaggerate an injury in order to get compensation. Whilst this may be true in some cases, the law is in fact pretty good at weeding these people out. If however you have been left unable to work, or unable to live your life as you wish because of your injury, then you do deserve some level of financial compensation. This is not about making money, it is about you being given something for the time and activity which you have lost. Nobody can turn the clock back, which is why this is the best that you can do.


What we often see with businesses which have multiple accident at work claims, is that they have large issues which are not being dealt with. Unfortunately in too many cases these businesses try methods in which to dissuade the person from raising a claim or from speaking out. This is because patterns emerge which show the business for what they really are, and that is why they want you to stay silent.

We have to point the finger and ensure that nobody gets hurt again in the workplace, that is why you must speak up.