Some Practical Advice For Young Entrepreneurs

The age of a bourgeois economy is dead. Gone are the days when owning capital was only a matter of your family giving it to you, or inheriting it. Now, young people aren’t wanting to go into six figure amounts of debt for college. They are wanting to get in on the capitalism game themselves. Hustle culture has become mainstream, and many people (especially youth) want to be the boss now, rather than just working in some cubicle. If this sounds like you (and you’re ready for the hard road ahead) stick around. In this article, we’ll be discussing some practical advice that every young and budding entrepreneur needs to hear. Nothing in this article is some kind of measured science or particular advice for one industry or another. But everything in it is applicable to you in some way and has been universally true for every entrepreneur in history. 

Your business is your baby

Read that one again. It is more important than anything else you will ever learn about entrepreneurship. Why is this? You owe everything to the market. As an employee, you might have been told that if you did a specific task for a certain number of hours, you’d get a certain paycheck. Those days are over. You yield to supply and demand. If your business is suddenly no longer profitable, there’s no HR department to complain to. If you’re losing money in some way, it’s on you to fix it. This means that there’s no more “Ohh but that isn’t fair!” or “Oh no I don’t know how to react to the market!” You either react properly or lose. If you run an online business, it has to be constantly updated to the newest trends. This website can help you with that. If you run a brick and mortar store click here because you are going to be the custodian, superintendent, and CEO of the building for a while.

Seek Meaningful Goals 

In the face of adversity, it can be hard to feel motivated. Think about this: Who is going to get up to Mt. Everest first? The guy who enjoys breaks here and there, or the guy who won’t rest until he reaches the top. The former guy probably won’t ever make it! The point is, hustle culture is garbage. You’re going to need to play hard to work hard, and can help you with that.

Treat Everyone Like a King

It doesn’t matter who you’re working with, you are now a servant. If your employees need help with something, it is your duty to give it to them and be the best boss possible. If customers and clients aren’t getting the help they need, no one is responsible for that besides you. The better treated people are in your circle, the more profitable your business will be.

Get out of Debt 

Obviously, owing any amount of money to anyone isn’t a good thing. It’s the definition of financial loss, it can cause some lost sleep, and it doesn’t look good for anyone. As a business, this is even more important. Your profit is your own salary. You’re not an employee who can waste company resources anymore. You are the company.