Why The Cost Blepharoplasty Is Worthwhile

According to the most recent data that we have, the cost of blepharoplasty, on average, is $4,000. Now some of you may believe that this is an extraordinary price to pay for eyelid surgery but today I want to describe to you exactly why this procedure is in fact  worth every penny. I underwent this surgery 3 years ago and paid just under $5,000, and I would not change it for the world. I know that when it comes to cosmetic surgery some people think it is noting more than a vanity project but I genuinely disagree and think that for some people, not all admittedly, but for some, it is a good investment and worth every penny that it costs.

Here is why I am very much a fan of this procedure and why I would recommend that anyone who was interested in it, should pay the money and get the work done.

It Works

Of all cosmetic surgeries that you could look to, some have higher success rates than others. With regards to the blepharoplasty it carries one of the highest success rates and the possibility of complications or failure is incredibly low indeed. This gave me a great deal of confidence going into the clinic because let’s be honest, the idea of someone taking a scalpel around your eyes is certainly a scary one. Knowing the high level of success which this procedure comes with is certainly a confidence booster.

Confidence Booster

I am not going to lie, I do not enjoy the way in which age has altered the way I look and the way that I feel. This is exactly why I paid the money to have this surgery and it is why I would pay it 10 times over again to change. The results are absolutely incredible and I feel and look 10 years younger than I am. This is not about vanity for me, I genuinely don’t care what other people think of the way that I look, for me this was all about what I see when I look in the mirror and I do so now with a far bigger smile on my face than ever before. The confidence which this has given me is incredible and that has seeped into so many other areas of my life, this was worth the  money alone.


Ultimately paying for these kind of treatments comes down to what is important to you. I have friends who have spent as much on phones in the last 2 years as I did on this procedure, and that is basically because they see that has being more important, and I am fine with that. Ultimately whatever you think is worth your money, is up to you.

I can tell you that this is a great procedure to have done if you are worried about sagging eyes or eyelids. The surgery is not that expensive in my view and it works, the results are amazing.