Virtual Viewings – 5 top reasons why they work so well

There are many reasons for the boom in video presentations of properties and virtual viewings. It may be surprising but there are some advantages that a virtual viewing brings to the table that are not available with purely physical property viewings. Some of these benefits are particularly applicable to properties abroad.

Many real estate companies are now including video as an important part of their comprehensive customer offering to showcase properties. The recent Covid travel restrictions have made this even more popular. Valuvillas, a locally based estate agent on the Costa Blanca has been able to service the needs of a steady stream of UK buyers using video marketing says Cuqui Torres the Sales Manager.

When looking for a property the first port of call for many people is the Internet. The bulk of online listings will show at best a restricted number of photos of the property and not necessarily all the parts you wish to see. These photos will have been taken to show things to their best advantage which, while a good thing in some ways, may mean you do not get the full perspective or flow of the property. A good video presentation of the premises gives a clearer view of the way things fit together and the relative sizes of rooms for example. This gives a much better sense of things than static pictures on a web page and avoids wasting time with ones that will not actually work for you.

A mix of internal and external shots can include things like aerial views which provide a perspective which may be impossible to get from a standard, physical viewing. It avoids spending a lot of time actually going around the property and all its’ approaches so not only is it a time saving but it can give you angles such as from above that you would never be able to see normally.

The time saving aspect ties in with another of the advantages of the virtual viewing format. Convenience. It is possible to view the property as and when suits the buyer. It can fit around your schedule rather than having to work around the commitments of the vendor or agent. For today’s busy lifestyles this can be a major plus point.

Not only is it convenient but it is repeatable. Unlike the physical viewing the ability to go and look at the premises again when you want is just a mouse click away. This makes it much easier to sit and compare notes should there be multiple decision makers on the purchase side. The videos can be shared with all the interested stakeholders.

Convenience and time saving are even more critical when it is a property abroad. In this scenario you would have had to arrange time and costly transport to get to a physical viewing. This obviously severely limits the number of viewings that can be managed at a time. Using the virtual viewing format, it does not matter where the buyer, vendor and premises are located, a video can easily be shared anywhere.

In conclusion there are many benefits to a virtual viewing of a property investment whether it is for living in or to use purely as a financial asset. There are savings in time and cost. It is easy and convenient. There is more flexibility and the possibility of a broader and possibly more unusual viewpoint.