A How-To Guide: 6 Steps for Planning a Baby Shower

Many expectant moms often experience a wide variety of emotions during pregnancy, such as excitement for their baby’s arrival, stress from preparation, and a fear of labor or even parenthood.

A baby shower is a perfect way to express your excitement, love, and support to a new mom, which will make the months ahead feel less daunting. To ensure they remember this experience with a big smile, read the following six steps for planning a baby shower.

  1. Pick the Correct Date and Time

Before you organize a venue or plan any games, you should talk to the guest of honor about the event’s best date and time. Most baby showers are held when an expectant mom is seven months pregnant, which will ensure she is still comfortable enough to enjoy it. Plus, you might need to organize it on a day that important people in her life will be able to attend, such as her mom or sister.

  1. Choose the Guest List

Once you have agreed on a date and time, you must talk to the expectant mom about the guest list. Ask who she would like to attend and request phone numbers or emails to send out invitations. The guest list can also help you estimate a budget for a venue, food services, and baby shower games.

  1. Pick the Perfect Venue

Your budget and guest list will determine the venue you choose. For example, you could organize a baby shower in your own home, or you could hire a private room at a hotel or restaurant. While some venues might provide baby shower packages, you may need to book a caterer. Also, you could provide guests with a first-class service by hiring experienced, attentive bartenders for a baby shower from Event Bartenders.

  1. Send Invitations to Guests

Once you and an expectant mom have picked a date, time, and venue, you must send out invitations to everyone on the guest list. Aim to provide guests with at least six weeks’ notice. It will ensure they will have time to clear their schedule, buy a gift, and find a babysitter if necessary.

  1. Pick a Baby Shower Theme

Add a touch of fun and elegance to a baby shower by picking an attractive theme that will wow a guest of honor. If in doubt, create a bright, colorful event that is appropriate for the upcoming arrival of a new baby. For instance, you could fill the room with colorful balloons and flowers that will impress guests as soon as they step inside the venue.

  1. Plan Fun Games

No baby shower is complete without fun games. It will inject some fun into the event and make it memorable for the guest of honor. For example, you could ask every guest to send over a baby photo, and everyone will have to guess who is who. It is a great way to encourage conversation and feel excited for another baby entering the world.