The most suitable Android games to travel with right now

When it comes to travel and exploring new destinations, while holidaymakers do typically take in their surroundings and meet new people, sometimes there is a need to switch off with an entertainment option or two. Android gaming is certainly one of them, with this portable gaming escapade being perfect for travelers who’ve left their PlayStation 5 console machines at home but require their gaming fix.

Whether it’s through a tablet or a smartphone device, there are some seriously impressive games to get through in the modern environment. These titles typically provide a casual gaming package that can be picked up and put down during your adventures abroad, therefore representing a viable gaming opportunity for busy travelers to explore. 

If you’re keen to sample a few games during your next vacation abroad, then let’s take a look at some suitable titles that won’t distract you from any glorious views and can be paired beautifully with an epic adventure into a town center you’ve never been to before.

Online sites are worth exploring

While the downloadable products tend to hog the limelight, gamers can also sample a range of games that are accessible via an internet browser. For example, gamers everywhere can explore the best online baccarat games in the USA, with this favoured product becoming a staple in casinos around the world and in the online category. Additionally, free gaming sites like Kongregate house over 124,000 online games that can be accessed with ease. If you’re able to access Netflix, then the streaming giant has added mobile-friendly Android titles to play, too.

Pokémon Go is ideal for travel 

Due to the game’s augmented reality feature, Pokémon Go is the perfect travel companion. When you arrive in a new location, the game’s map feature will help you understand exactly where you are. Additionally, with a selection of quests to complete, you’ll be forced to explore your surroundings. You can take down gyms, catch and evolve a range of different Pokémon, trade with fellow trainers, hatch eggs by walking large distances, and loads more. Pokémon Go also works in several territories around the world, from most countries in Europe to destinations down under like Australia. 

Monument Valley 2 works offline 

Given the fact that you might have limited data or an unreliable internet connection if you’re in a rural area, it’s important to have a few games up your sleeve that work offline. One of the best options is Monument Valley 2, a title that has been inspired by the incredible art of M.C. Escher. Offering a range of puzzles to smash through, it’s a highly pleasurable release to session. 

Life Is Strange is gripping 

Another release that works offline, Life Is Strange is a narrative adventure product where gamers dictate the outcome. A choose-your-own adventure game, you’re essentially the director in this one as you determine the ending of a poignant storyline that is unfolding before your eyes. 

Other suitable games to travel with includes Framed, Clash of Clans, Desert Golfing, Subway Surfers, Ridiculous Fishing, and The Room.