Best Offline Apps for All Areas of Life: The Ultimate Guide

In this day and age we need offline apps for all areas of life. However, if you’re a bit new to the offline app space, you might need some inspiration to find the best offline apps for all areas of your life to get started.

In this article we will help you find the best offline apps for music, travel, food lovers, language learners and entertainment. Do you want to cook the best healthy meals for your family while offline? Would you like to watch a movie while being offline somewhere in a cosy cabin in the mountains? Find your best offline apps for entertainment in the article below.

Please note that to download these apps, you will need an internet connection. To access the content offline, you will need to download it first in most cases.

5 Best Offline Apps for Music

The way we listen to music has dramatically changed over the past few years. No more need to have cupboards full of CDs or feeling limited by the collection that you have. With one touch on the button these offline apps for music allow you to explore new and emerging artists as well as upload your own music and make your play lists. Continue reading for the best offline apps for music we especially selected for you.

Spotify is probably the best offline app for music which allows you to download music to listen offline. You can create playlists or tap into the many playlists that are created on the app. The possibilities are endless. If you don’t want to pay for the monthly service you will have to put up with advertising and listen to all playlists on shuffle.

The SoundCloud app is mainly known for new and emerging artists. If you’re a musician it is a great app to upload your music and see if you can make it in the music world. For this you would need the internet. However, if you would like to listen to all the new talent on SoundCloud while offline, you can sign up for SoundCloudGo. You can simply click or like some of your favourite tracks and they will be immediately on your phone. You can try SoundCloudGo during 30 days for free after which you will be charged US5.99 per month.

Trebel is the go-to app for free downloadable music which can be listened to offline. To make use of the app while off line you will need to go to your library and download the songs completely before you can use this offline app for music while on the go. It really lets you pick and choose the music you want, instead of an algorithm making that choice for you. You get rewarded with coins by using the app so the more you listen, the more coins you earn.

How often do you hear a song and ask yourself: ‘Who is singing this awesome song?’ It happens to me all the time! Shazam is a music recognition app with an offline option which makes it one of the most used and best offline apps for music. You will no longer lose tracks that you want to remember forever!

This offline app for music allows you to download new and popular tracks, albums and playlists and listen to them offline. A great way to give exposure to new artists. You can browse through the different categories like Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, EDM, Afropop and reggae and download the songs you would like to keep in your library. You can create a download queue. There’s a ‘what’s new’ button, ‘Best of: Month’ option, staff picks and a Top20 and many more different music categories to choose from.

5 Best Offline Apps for Travel

Traveling without apps, especially offline apps for all areas of life, is pretty much unthinkable. No more getting lost in new cities, finding hotels quickly and making bookings instantly, enjoy self-guided city walks in many cities around the world and quickly calculate between currencies when buying that beautiful top or cool pair of boots. With the best offline apps for travel it is all possible.

Google Maps
I’m not sure how I used to arrive at places, before I used Google Maps but I can no longer imagine a life without Google Maps. To quickly find directions from A to B, you can add the destination while you’re still in a Wifi area and be offline while heading to your destination. When you look for directions on this offline app for travel, you can choose your mode of transport to get a good idea of your estimated time of arrival. In case you use your data, you even receive traffic updates which is useful for long road trips. allows you to download area maps and then use them while offline. This is a great tool to explore any new areas that you find yourself in. Once you arrive at a location, the app will automatically start downloading the map of the area that you’re in. It also gives you an option to choose for offline city guides. You can tap buttons like: Discover nearby which will give you an overview of Attractions, Eat and Drink and Book hotels. You can backup your bookmarks and you can share your location directly from the app.
Voicemap offers fantastic walking tours by local citizens in cities and areas all around the world. Usually each city has a few free walks available and the paid-for walks are only a couple of dollars. You can download the walk while you’re in a wifi space and enjoy the walk and all the instructions and information while offline. Walks are very informative and created by local citizens of that city. They often take you to lesser well known areas in cities. Really a great app for city dwellers.

XE app
If you’re traveling a lot between different countries with different currencies, this is a great app to quickly convert from one currency to the other. Once you’ve downloaded the app, the standard screen will give you the conversions between USD, EUR, GBP and CAD. You can add the currencies you need during your travels. Especially during our South American trip where we traveled through 4 different countries, this app was very useful.

Wiki Triip
One of the best offline apps for travel is Wiki Triip. Wiki Triip makes everything from Wiki Travel available offline. It is pretty amazing because this app for travel is created in collaboration with Wikitravelers from all around the world. Wiki Triip offline app for travel is only available from the Apple Store.

5 Best Offline Apps For Food Lovers

Staying in an off the beaten track cottage and just need to double-check a recipe? Parent of a fussy eating little one? Check below the offline apps for food lovers. Our final recommended offline app for food lovers is about a food journal. After cooking up a storm you might want to check how you’re doing health-wise. Carry on reading to find out more about the best offline apps for food lovers!

Offline Recipes by EASoftware
This really is an amazing offline app for food lovers! Wow! We only recently discovered it. There are all kinds of categories to choose from, like dinner, lunch, desserts, appetizers and so on and it quickly gives you a MASSIVE amount of options. The search option allows you to search offline for you specific recipes.

African Recipes: All Africa Food Offline
We love Africa so this one is on us. It even gives you tips on how to cure illnesses with natural food ingredients! You can search according to: courses, taste buds, Cook With (choose ingredients and the app will mix it up to a recipe) and Cooking type. This offline app for food lovers is not only useful it also really looks very tasty!

SuperFood – Healthy Recipes
SuperFood should be part of everyone’s daily life and this app gives you plenty of recipes to keep life delicious while being healthy. What about a coconut water popsicle with fresh berries and kiwis for a hot Summers day? To download recipes and use them offline, a small yearly fee of GBP 7.99 is requested.

Cooking Recipes Offline
Adding regularly new recipes is mentioned as one of the advantages of this great offline app for food lovers. The recipe categories vary from non-vegetarian to vegan so no matter what kind of food lover you are, you will find a recipe suitable for you. There’s also a special section for kid’s recipes and we loved the sandwich section!

Eat the Rainbow – Food Diary

Why count boring calories if you can make a food rainbow everyday instead? We discovered this fun offline app for food lovers which encourages you to eat the colours of the rainbow each day. Keeping a rainbow food diary will make sure that you make healthy food choices each day by completing your rainbow.

Best Offline Apps for Language Learners

Who still travels the world without at least learning some basic language skills? Exactly! You want to and you need to. And traveling is way more fun if you can speak the language a little bit. Here is an overview of the best offline apps for language learners.

Duolingo is the most downloaded education app in the world with over 300 million users. It is designed to feel like as if you play a game which makes it also a fun app for kids to learn a new language in a playful way. While the Duolingo language app is completely free to use on Wifi, you can sign up for the DuolingoPlus which allows you to download lessons while in WiFi and you can continue learning offline. The DuolingoPlus membership currently costs USD6.99 per month with a 7 day free trial.

Babbel app
Babbel Language app gives you the option of 13 languages. Classes are offered in bit sized chunks which makes it easy to quickly complete a lesson. You will have a free 7-day free trial and a yearly subscription currently is about USD50 / EUR 45. What we liked about this app, is that it first checks your level of language before assigning a course to you to make sure you’re learning the language at your level. To study offline you can put your settings to automatically download the next lesson while you’re in a WiFi area so that you can continue studying from your hammock.

Learn Spanish Offline by Ufostudio
This is a super user friendly offline app to learn Spanish. Once you’ve logged on, the app gives you an easy overview of different topics and you can start learning Spanish immediately. Perfect in case you want to learn certain topics quickly and totally for free. Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language in the world so you will be able to use it in many different countries and make friends everywhere.

FluentU language app
Here’s a great option for an offline app for language learners. It doesn’t only teach you the language, it is also a cultural immersion. You will learn from inspiring videos, movie trailers, music videos and the news. FluentU has searched wide and far to find the best videos for language learners to make the platform the most engaging app for language learners.

There are currently 9 languages to choose from, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Korean, Italian and English are all the options offered. You can sign up for a 14 day free trial, decide on your level and then choose how much time per day you would like to set aside to learn the language. Audio dialogues are downloadable for offline usage. However, after we’ve used it for a bit, we find the videos very entertaining and educational so you would probably choose to learn in an online environment.

Google Translate
Easy and convenient, Google Translate is the perfect offline app for language learners who quickly need to translate something. During the download of the app it will ask your primary language and then the language that you translate most often. You can then tick the box for ‘translate offline’ and your download will continue.

In your home screen you will be able to swop around languages again. You can do instant camera translation which is super useful when you need to translate traffic signs or other important notices. You can simply hold your camera over a document and it will be instantly translated, scan it and import it. Wow!

5 Best Offline Apps For Entertainment

Watching movies, reading books and listening to podcasts. We all want to enjoy where ever we are. You don’t need much more than 1 device to have any entertainment at your fingertips. Check out our best offline apps for entertainment.

Choose from over 2.000 speeches of inspiring speakers with great ideas. You can search per theme or speaker and download the talks you would like to listen to while offline. TED stands for Technology, Education and Design. You can search the app for newest, trending or most viewed videos in case you simply want to learn something new. Talks are recorded before a live audience and then shared worldwide on the platform. Can’t recommend this app enough!

Netflix is probably on top of everyone’s mind when talking about the best offline apps for all areas of life. Especially during this time of global pandemic, Netflix has been a life saver for many people, enabling you to binge watch an endless amount of series and always adding new titles. To use Netflix on your laptop offline, you will need to use the Netflix app, next search for the movies or series you prefer to download and hit the download button. They will stay in your library for a limited amount of time.

Amazon Kindle
This is definitely one of the best offline apps for entertainment for all the bookworms. To buy books on Amazon, you will need to be online and their buy now with1-click functionality allows you to quickly fill up your library with all the books you want to read and make them available across all your devices. The time of reading paper books is definitely over for me.

Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime is another streaming service with a monthly subscription fee like Netflix. Amazon Prime Video has over 100m downloads! You can download the Amazon Prime app and use this offline app for entertainment to watch movies. You will need wifi to download the movies. You can use the Amazon Prime Video app for free for the first 30 days after which you pay a monthly subscription fee.

Podcast Player
Personally I’m not a podcast listener but I know I’m missing out on something amazing. Many people listen to podcasts while doing other things and it is a perfect way to learn something new, listen to a different opinion or get to know an inspiring person a bit better by listening to an interview. On the Podcast Player app you can listen to Radio, podcasts and audiobooks for free. While in a wifi space it can automatically download your subscriptions. You can choose from several categories.

We hope this list of best offline apps for all areas of life will help you to enjoy all areas of life, whether you are learning, entertaining, traveling or cooking!