Side hustles that can make being a stay-at-home parent worth

So, is it possible for stay-at-home parents to stay at home with their children and still make some money? The answer is yes, a stay-at-home mom or dad can make some extra money with a side hustle or more while watching over their children.

There are plenty of ways to do so, and everybody can find their niche as long as you start looking. Let me guide you on a couple of my favorites:

Online Surveys

Taking online surveys is a popular side hustle that is easy to do on a computer. The payment per survey is low but if you work hard to take as many surveys as possible the earnings will add up. You can cash out your earnings usually via PayPal or a bank account, or a prepaid debit card. You can even win cash prizes by taking part in some surveys if you are lucky. You do not need any skill or training to take on surveys online from the comfort of your home. Take online surveys for money if you want to start a side hustle that is easy to pursue.

Pinterest VA

Pinterest has over 290 million active users. Over 24% of the United States uses Pinterest.

This is huge for businesses. Pinterest is a must for small and large business owners, which is why Pinterest Virtual Assistants are in high demand. A great Pinterest VA can take a business from being “okay” to being seen by thousands online. Pinterest Virtual Assistants can make businesses a lot of money, which is why businesses hire Pinterest Virtual Assistants.

You may be wondering how to get started as a Pinterest VA, where to find clients, how much to charge, and more.

Online Gaming

Mobile gambling is enjoying a continuous surge in popularity, especially in the Canadian online casino market. An increasing number of parents are now playing casino games on their smartphones and tablets from home. And the increase in competition between the companies has created a niche where you and I have access to many special offers. Making it very profitable with just a bit of research.

Direct Sales

Wondering why you’re getting so many invitations from friends on social media to check out products from companies like Scentsy and Stella & Dot? Direct sales is a super convenient way for moms to make money from home. The hours are incredibly flexible and you don’t need any prior experience. Just be sure to do some research to make sure you’re not getting involved in a pyramid scheme.

There are many online side hustles that stay-at-home parents can pursue to make money online. Some side jobs or hustles are perfect for stay-at-home moms and dads, especially those that require minimum or no research work and are flexible. Some side hustles are ideal for creative stay-at-home parents to make money online while looking after their kids.
In the end, there is a way for you to be able to change your lifestyle. And be closer to your family.