How to Choose the Best Coach Bus Rental Atlanta for a Night on the Town

Renting a bus is not something people do every day, which is why you may be overwhelmed by the process if it’s your first time. You might not know what specifications you should be looking for, or what makes for a good service.

You might also have questions about prices, drop-offs and pickups, and other aspects of renting a bus. But it’s not that complicated once you understand the basics of it. Let’s take a look at how to choose the best coach bus for your next night on the town in Atlanta.

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Look at Online Listings

If you want to find the best coach bus rental Atlanta service, the best way is to see what people have had to say about them online. Look at reviews on Google and try to gauge what the general opinion is. Make sure to check for any issues regarding punctuality, hidden fees, or security.

Choose the Right Bus Size

From a distance, all coach buses might look the same, but they aren’t. There can be big differences in the number of people they can hold. The smallest ones will hold about 30 passengers while bigger ones will pack more than 90. So, you have to make sure that you have enough seats for your party. The last thing you want is to have to tell someone that they can’t go on the trip because there isn’t enough space for them. On the other hand, you have to make sure that you’ll have enough people to fill the bus.

Pick-ups and Drop-Offs

This is something you will have to plan with your group and the company well in advance. To go to your destination, you will usually go with one pick-up area, but you may have multiple drop-offs at the end of the night, so this is something you’ll have to clarify with the bus company. Another very important thing to discuss is how long is the staging time on pick-ups.

Staging is the window of time between when a bus gets to the pick-up spot to when they leave. If you know a lot of people in your group have trouble respecting schedules, try to make it as long as possible. Thirty minutes should be more than enough to cover latecomers.


Safety is also very important, but not all companies take it as seriously. One of the things you should check is if they have a code of conduct for passengers. This might seem restrictive, but that’s what you want from a bus company. A company that doesn’t care about what passengers do is more likely to have a poor safety record.


You cannot overlook costs when it comes to renting a coach bus. Two services can offer roughly the same service but offer widely different quotes. That’s why you must shop around. The average price in the country is around $120, but just because someone offers something significantly lower, doesn’t mean that it’s low quality. Don’t base your decision based on price only and get as much information as you can about the service as possible.

These are all things you’ll need to look at when picking a coach bus. Choose the right people and learn as much as you can about buses so you can make the right choice.