Fun Ways You Can Reuse Your Moving Boxes

Now that you have moved and finally unpacked all those boxes, you may be wondering what exactly you can do with them. Below, we will give you some ideas on what you can do with your boxes once you have retired them.

Turn them into a play house for your children

One cool thing you can do with your old moving boxes is utilize them to build a play house for your children. Even if you do not want to build a play house, you could create a small coffee shop, space ship, and so many other cool things.

The best part about this is that the project won’t take you long either. Simply cut out the holes needed for what you want to make and then let your kids decorate it. This will help keep them busy and provide them with a fun space to be in.

Many kids enjoy having box houses to play in and you will find it is a great and cheap way to keep them entertained.

Utilize them for storage space

Who says you need an extravagant bin or bucket to store your belongings in? Used boxes are a great way to store extra items you have laying around your house. Not only will the box provide a safe place for the items, but the box is also sturdy enough that you can move it around as necessary and leave it in storage without worry that it will deteriorate.

Even if you do not want to place the boxes in a storage unit, you will find you can place them in the basement, attic, garage, or anywhere else in your home where there is extra room. Plus, the boxes can be stacked on top of one another providing you with even more space!

Donate them to someone you know who could use them

If you do not have a need for the boxes you just used, consider donating them to someone who could use them. You can advertise the free boxes on any social media or buy/sell/trade group, and you are sure to have someone willing to come pick them up.

Boxes are used all the time for both moves and storage, so you should have no problem unloading them. Something else to consider is that you could donate them to the local church or food bank, who can use them during food distribution.

Don’t Toss Out the Boxes

While it might seem easier to just toss out the boxes, you should try to find a use for them and if you cannot, at minimum, donate them to people who can make use of them.