romantic ideas during lockdown

15 Romantic Ideas During Lockdown For You and Your Lover

Do you find yourself in a lockdown during this pandemic?  Lockdowns can be tough for your relationship. But you’ve got nothing to worry about! With a little bit of creativity here and there, you can easily execute these romantic ideas during lockdown.

Whether you are quarantined separately or together, these will keep the spark alive, and celebrate your relationship and anniversaries during this lockdown.

Have an Indoor Picnic

When it comes to a list of romantic ideas during lockdown to try, you’ll often come across “having a picnic”. It might sound basic but nothing beats eating on a blanket with your favorite person.

And with the lockdown in place, having an indoor picnic is one great way to spend time with your significant other without any distractions. If you have a garden, then go ahead and make it a garden picnic. If not, nobody’s stopping you from having a picnic on the living room floor, the balcony, or in bed.

DIY Cocktail Making

Who can say no to making cocktails? Have a fun date with a DIY cocktail making session. There are hundreds of free online cocktail tutorials and live masterclasses that you can watch together.

Here are some must-try cocktail recipes if you’re on a budget!

Treasure Hunts

Another one of the fun romantic ideas during lockdown that you can do is to go on a treasure hunt. Yes, inside the house! Guide your partner from one treasure to another with a set of questions, romantic riddles, and brainteasers.

If you want to propose, you can make the ring the “treasure”. You can also spice things up by turning it into a sexy scavenger hunt.

Movie Marathon

Ready your popcorns and open Netflix! Chill out with the latest blockbuster or do a movie marathon of your favorite series!

If you’re living separately, you can check out Netflix Party and watch the same movie together. It even has a group chat where you can discuss it while watching. How cool is that?

Online Cooking Classes

If you’ve got a lot of free time, why not try doing an online cooking class together? There are thousands of cooking classes online. Talk about what dish you want to cook together and find the right cooking class for that.

It’s one of the best ways to interact, have fun, and get to know about each other before you sit down and enjoy your meal. If both of you are self-isolating separately, you can do a video-call while you cook.)

Dress Up

Celebrating something? Take off those sweatpants and make a little effort. Wear your favorite dress, do your hair, and throw on some makeup. Have a date night at home. Even if you’re isolating separately and communicating over Facetime, it’s fun to dress up once in a while and pretend you’re both going out for a fun night.

Cook Dinner Together

Whip up a feast and make something from any of the ingredients in your pantry. Learn new recipes or cook your favorite meals together and just have fun. Once that’s done, set up a candlelit dinner and end your day with a romantic dance in the kitchen. Sounds pretty awesome, right?

Sing Karaoke

Whether you have the voice or not, singing karaoke is a great date idea. It’s even more fun when you’re both bad at it. By the end, you’ll both be crying with laughter.

You can step it up a notch by doing blind karaoke. Start by selecting a song and putting on your headphones so you’ll be the only one to hear it. Then, put on a blindfold. This is a great activity since you can’t see your partner’s reaction so feel free to sing your heart out! And the best part? You can’t hear yourself.


Do you miss going to the spa? It will probably take a few more months before you can enjoy a luxurious spa experience again. So why not have a DIY spa at home and train your partner at providing at-home treatments.

You’ll only need massage oil, scented candles, relaxing music, and face packs. To help you start, here are at-home facial tips you can follow.

Virtually Tour Around the World

Travel has taken a big hit with the outbreak. But the good news is, you can tour around world wonders, museums, and attractions all from the comfort of your sofa. Have a date night and go on a virtual tour. Here are 30 virtual tours you can check out today!

Solve a Puzzle

Order the biggest puzzle and the scariest puzzle you can find! This will help you put your phones down and work on something together. It’s intimate and quiet. And as you sit there figuring out how each of the pieces fit together, you’re also working on how you fit together in each other’s lives. It’s the perfect date idea if your love language is quality time.

Massage Night

Massage is one of the best things you can do for your significant other. Make it a fun date night by learning and practicing massage together. Not only is it fun and romantic, but you also learn a new skill as well as a massage! What more can you ask for?

Play the Newlywed Game

Remember that game show where you are asked questions about yourself and your partner will guess your answer? Yes, it’s that one!

Here are 150 newlywed questions to start with. It’s fun and interesting that will get you two hysterically laughing. This is an awesome way to learn new things about your significant other.

Solve a Crime Together

Solving a crime sounds like one of the best romantic ideas during lockdown to try, right? We couldn’t agree more! Here’s a list of 5-minute mystery games and quizzes. Once you’re done, you’ll be craving for more mysteries to solve.

Plan a Future Trip

Travel will soon open up and while you’re at home, take this time to plan a future trip together! You can plan a simple road trip, or check out several locations and activities abroad. Give yourselves something you can look forward to when travel bans are lifted.