Promoting property portfolios in the post-pandemic, online world

In todays post Covid-19 reality property professionals such as developers and estate agencies face a unique challenge. How to display your portfolio to willing buyers, get engagement and drive revenue to your door.

Gone are the days when it was considered a normal expectation to easily arrange a physical viewing of a site or property. Now more than ever organisations that wish to survive must become agile and adapt to the changing realities. Companies that can make this transition are the ones that will be best placed to not just survive but thrive in the new world order.

This is why many are turning to the virtual viewing format of video marketing such as the services provided by There are many advantages to using this format at every stage of the sales funnel.

As buyers turn to the Internet to initially explore their options and search for properties there are several realities to bear in mind. Although the statistics vary depending on the study you choose it is undeniable that videos and video adverts have a far higher click through rate than any other format. This translates to more potentially interested eyes on your offering. That last is just when considering the more ‘traditional’ search engines. When you consider that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world handling over 3 billion searches a month the whole scale of the video opportunity starts to come into focus. Pages with embedded videos receive far more organic traffic from search engines thus optimising your online real estate at the top of the funnel.

A professionally designed video presentation of your property builds credibility and trust in the minds of viewers more than the staid, static, traditional formats. It can establish your brand in the customers mind as innovative, forward thinking, and professional enough to pivot towards still providing value to customers in every situation.

There are multiple advantages to the video format that are not available to either physical or static photo viewings. To list but a few:

  • The flow of the property and relative sizes can be shown
  • Buyers have the option to revisit the viewing multiple times at their convenience
  • Where there are remote or multiple decision makers the sharing of a video is as easy as the click of a button. Why put any barriers or hardships into the buyers journey when you can provide delighters?
  • A range of external shots showing approaches and surrounds can be incorporated as well as annotations and highlighting features
  • Aerial viewings can be shot by drone for example giving a wholly new and enlightening perspective

Furthermore, there are multiple distribution channels available for a well put together video presentation of a property. While embedding videos on the business web pages is an obvious one there is also social media including business LinkedIn profiles, Facebook, Twitter, online property portals and  email sharing to interested subscribers. The opportunities are vast.

In summary the changes forced on the way we work can be seized upon as an opportunity. Those that are quick to take up the opportunity to include video as part of their offering will be at the leading edge of providing the new, complete service to the property market.