Rafting Adventures to Be Had Along the Arkansas River

Home to some of the most sought-after white water stretches in North America, The Arkansas River in Colorado is a thrill-packed destination! Right from the exhilarating and wild section of Pine Creek near Granite to the picturesque yet exciting rapids of Browns Canyon near Buena Vista, and the lofty rock walls of the Royal Gorge near Cañon City, there is something for everyone here. Whether you are a backpacker, an adrenaline junky, a solo traveller, or on a family trip, there is a rafting adventure specially designed for you. Let us have a look:

Zip and Raft

If you wish to witness the most incredible vista of the Arkansas River valley, you should hope on the Zipline course. You will be able to get a panoramic view from the clifftop that takes you thousands of feet of zooming cable flying! While you enjoy white water rafting in Colorado in the morning, you will find yourself leaping from rock cliffs and the soaring pine trees. If you are an adventure junky, this exhilarating experience is a must for you.

Horseback Riding & Rafting

Hop on the saddle in the Rockies or paddle your way on the Arkansas River! Get the best of both worlds by pairing up your rafting rips with a horseback ride to turn your day into an adventurous one! While you witness an adrenaline-pumping experience while on your rafting trip, you get to relive the Old West with the horseback riding adventure. Right from the picturesque trails to stimulating cattle drives, there is so much to explore here!

Rock-Climbing and Rafting

Other than the Arkansas River, Colorado is also blessed with some amazing crags and cliffs that make for an amazing rock-climbing destination. So, why limit yourself to just white water rafting when in Colorado. Level up the excitement of your vacation with a couple of thrill-packed activities and turn your trip into a memorable one. You will be guided to climb on the gravity-defying cliffs above the Arkansas River Valley before you splash your way down to the rapids on the Arkansas River!

Rail and Raft

Enjoy the unparalleled scenes of the Royal Gorge straight from your berth on the train riding along the canyon walls after your rafting trip on Bighorn Sheep Canyon. This 2-hour train ride will leave you awe-inspired by the engineering marvel of the globally renowned Royal Gorge Bridge. And if you are lucky enough, you may even be able to catch the spectacular sight of the people enjoying white water rafting from your coach as you ride along the Arkansas River.

No matter which adventure you pair your rafting trip in Colorado with, you are bound to have an amazing time with your loved ones. With the most stunning vistas, the lofty cliffs along the Arkansas River flowing by, you will be mesmerised by the natural beauty this place holds. We hope that this information will help you pick the best and most exciting adventures for your next rafting trip to Colorado.