Javier Burillo – Where to Find Real Mexican Cuisine

There is no doubt in my mind that Mexican cuisine is the single most delicious in the world, despite what many may say. Sadly however most of us know the Mexican kitchen for the way in which it is presented around the world, which in fact is usually a misrepresentation of what this food is really all about. Now if you happen to be traveling through Mexico there are some very special places where you can in fact find the really goodies which represent the very best of Mexican cuisine. Here are some of the best places to go if you are in search of the best food this country has to offer.

Street Food

Not all street food is the very finest of Mexican food, but if you get a great vendor then you can certainly find something that you will adore. This is the beating heart of Mexican food and it is certainly where you are going to find the very best snacks in the country. From tacos to quesadillas and everything in-between, there is no doubt that this is the best place for light food on-the-go in Mexico.


I was introduced to fondas by a great chef friend of mine Javier Burillo, who still to this day will religiously eat his lunch in this cute restaurants. What you will find on offer here is comida corrida, or ‘fast food’ as it directly translates. This is a set menu each day where you choose between a starter, a main meal and you also get a small dessert and some flavored water. Each day the menu changes and this is where you can buy proper home cooked food every day. The menu is incredibly cheap and you can depend on some traditional Mexican cooking which you won’t find elsewhere.


Cantinas have a reputation as being drinking spots but the reality is that these are also great places where you can go and try some of the most incredible Mexican cuisine that you will find. The idea of the cantina is that you pay for a bottle of alcohol for the table, perhaps whisky or gin, and this will come at quite a high price. The reason for that high price is the fact that you can eat as many dishes as you can manage during the time that you are there. This could be snails, ant eggs, chicken dishes, marrow or any other range of meat and fish dishes which have been prepared in the traditional Mexican way. Not only will you be able to count on some incredible food in these places but the music and he experience is certainly very Mexican, and that helps you to enjoy the food that little bit more.

These are the three main areas which I would say that you should go to in order to truly experience the very best in Mexican cuisine, food which is like no other on the planet.