How to Shop for Picky People

Finding the perfect present to give to your good friend or close family member on their birthday or other special occasion is a great feeling. Knowing that as soon as they open your gift, they will appreciate your thoughtful and sweet gesture makes all of the running around, hunting for the perfect gift worth it in the end. However, if your friend or family member is on the pickier side of things, shopping for the perfect gift can be more of a challenge that seems nearly impossible.

While you know that your friend will appreciate the gesture of any gift that you get them, you want to be able to find them something that they will not only like but get use from. Thankfully, there are a few approaches that you can take to shopping for picky people that will help you to land on the perfect gift.

If you are currently looking to find a great gift idea for the picky person in your life, here are a few tips that can help you on your journey to finding the perfect present.

Give Them a Say

When you are shopping for someone who has almost indiscernible tastes and incredibly specific interests, you might find that the standard, go-to gift ideas just simply won’t cut it. However, when you are able to find a way to give them a say in the matter, you will find that there are actually ways of making standard gifts more creative and unique.

For instance, if you know that your friend would like to receive a perfume or cologne, but they have varying tastes when it comes to such things, you can get them a scent subscription from This is a subscription service that will allow them to choose the scents they can sample from month to month. They can try out as many as they want before landing on a scent that they actually like. This can even be a way to help your picky friend to find their signature scent if they don’t already have one.

By giving your friend a say in their gift, you are showing a level of consideration for them that only a true friend would understand. Moreover, by going with a subscription box of this kind, you aren’t going with something like a gift card that can often be perceived as taking the easy way out.

Go with Something Thoughtful

If you are at a complete loss as to what you should get your picky friend, you should turn to the thoughtful side of the gift-giving spectrum. Instead of trying to find a gift that is geared towards their interests, find something that pertains to the friendship that the two of you share. For example, a photo mug with a fun picture of the two of you is a truly thoughtful and personalized gift that they can enjoy. By going with a gift that is all about your friendship, you can find something truly thoughtful, and that will be appreciated.