Long Distance Moving Advice

Whether you’re traveling national borders, or simply going a few hundred miles to the other side of the country, it’s important to have some great advice to guide you along the way. Now is a great time to move, but the process isn’t a piece of cake. Moving long distances can be tough on families, relationships, jobs, and even individuals feeling a bit out of place in their new home. Here is some killer advice to make sure you have the smoothest move (and life) in your new, oh so far away home.

Planning it all out 

We get it. You’re sick of being stuck in the same old spot in the world, and you’re looking to grab an old van, shove your stuff in the back seat, and speed off into the sunset. Not so fast cowboy. Uplifting your whole life and transplanting it somewhere else in the world can get complicated. It’s important to think ahead. Even if you are a more go with the flow kind of person, it’s important to have some sort of idea of what to do. Write it down in a notebook, make a spreadsheet of everything you have to do. Whatever you need, make sure it gets done. And make sure you don’t forget the essentials. 

For starters, check out this website to see what an awesome moving company looks like, and what you should be looking for. Another thing to keep in mind in the planning stage is your health. Are you well adjusted to moving to a potentially new climate with potentially new causes for harm. Keep in mind that you’re either moving during or after a global pandemic, and how important it is to keep germs off of everything you own. If you don’t know how to stay clean and healthy while moving long distances, it’s important to learn more

Next you need to figure out all the nitty gritty documents about moving far away. Are you going to need things like movers insurance? Are there any customs or immigration documents you need to have ready for your move? What about your job? Are there any important business licenses you need to have? If you own a business, how is it going to be managed while you’re busy rearranging your furniture? To make sure your company is still at the top of it’s game while you’re away, we recommend SEO company Toronto to keep your branding and SEO sharp during your little off season. 

Getting the move on

Look at you! You’ve planned and scheduled your whole moving process! Now it’s time to get to work. Figure out if you need to downsize. Organize your belongings into boxes and bags. Label stuff to make it easier to unpack. Get familiar with your new home, and make sure everything made the trip away! Once you’ve finally got your ducks in a row, the fun begins. Explore your new surroundings. Get to know you’re new neighbors and community. Get situated with your new workday and lifestyle wherever you are. Best of luck!