How to Quickly Find Freelance Work Online

If you’ve been working freelance for some time, you’ll be aware of what a drag it can be to find work. You might spend the whole day searching through websites and sending emails to potential clients to see if there’s anyone looking for your skills or services. Happily, there are ways to find shortcuts online that’ll get you employed far quicker than you’re used to so far. So, whether you’re just starting out as a freelancer or you’ve been struggling to find work for months, here are some quick tips to help you link up with work faster.

Delivery Jobs

If you’re working in the logistics and shipping sector, you’ll struggle to find delivery jobs without being hired full-time as a worker for a specific shipping firm or large store. That’s something that Shiply, the shipping load platform, have attempted to solve. You can find the jobs that work for you on the platform, where shipping work is uploaded each day for people to select. Platforms such as this mean that you spend far less time behind the screen of your laptop or smartphone and far more time behind the wheel of your vehicle.

Creative Work

Then there are the creatives – the writers, photographers, videographers, designers and everything else that falls under this sought-after umbrella. There are thousands of companies that require this kind of work every single day but finding them can be a pain. Many of these companies feel the same, which is why more and more of them are beginning to advertise their jobs and projects on the largest freelance websites in the world. You’ll be able to create a profile so that companies actually come to you – otherwise you can scour the listings each day to find those that match with your skills and your availability.


Don’t underestimate the power of LinkedIn for freelancers. It might be seen as a place where C-suite professionals can show off and gloat about their latest innovations, but down on the level of a freelancer this is a platform that can link you up with personal and professional contacts, sharing your skills and availability with people who may well be in the market for someone like you. Sharing a post every now and then with the kind of work you can do might well ring a bell in the mind of a friend, who sends a direct message asking for your help on a project.


The age-old leaflet remains the king of freelance marketing when you’re doing a job that’s conducted locally. That’s the case for gardeners and children’s entertainers, who won’t travel too far in order to perform a job. Print business cards to give out to anyone who’ll take them, push flyers through letters boxes, and generally use the printed word to remind people of your services. You’ll drum up a significant amount of work from these kinds of initiatives.

There you have it: the four key ways you can try to find a little more freelance work in gate coming months.