How to decorate a living room in 5 easy steps

We spend an average of 4.4 hours a day* in our living rooms, second behind our bedrooms where of course we are mainly asleep. It is also where you are most likely to entertain guests and spend the majority of the time with your family – so it’s arguably the most important room in the house when it comes to decorating. Here’s how to decorate a living room in 5 easy steps.

Decide on a theme

The design of the living room should reflect you and your family, it needs to feel comfortable and liveable – remember you’re likely to spend a lot of time there so it should feel warm and comforting. You may have a style in mind, but a good rule of thumb is to pick your favourite or most expensive item and decorate around it – usually this will be your sofa. However, if you’re starting from scratch or looking to update your furniture then the world is your oyster!

Plan your layout

Sometimes you will be restricted by space and where furniture best fits, but play around with where to put the furniture that gives you the best liveable space and feels sociable. Furniture doesn’t always have to be up against the wall! Think about what works for you and your family – whether you enjoy TV time, want a sociable space that encourages conversation or even a little snug for someone that wants to read in the corner but spend time in the company of the family. Make it functional for you.

Design your lighting

Play with a mix of lighting options so you can adapt it to your needs. You may want to think about installing a dimmer switch so you can play with the strength of the lighting depending on your needs. Or why not add a table or floor lamps that can provide mood lighting in the evening when you may not want the overhead light on?

Your windows and blinds will also play into this, how do you want the light to flow in during the day and evening? Your blind options will allow you to play with the amount of daylight that flows into your home – so think about what works for you – horizontal, vertical, roller, Roman – there are plenty of options to choose from. Find made to measure blinds in Essex to suit your requirements.

Create a focal point

Your living room may already have a focal point such as a fireplace, mirror or wall art – or you may want to create one by creating a feature wall or investing in a statement rug that your furniture works around. Do you have a large or dramatic window or bi-fold doors? This could be your focal point which can be framed beautifully with the right blinds and curtains. Or how about a large houseplant for a relatively cheap addition?

Finishing touches

Once your living room is designed, it’s the finishing touches that make all the difference and show a sense of style and personality. It’s important to get the right balance of light furnishings and avoid the room feeling too cluttered. Are there statement ornaments you would like to incorporate such as a candle holder, beloved family photo, artwork, statement vase or stylish coffee table book?

How you frame your windows is also important so that windows look framed and stylish rather than cold and bleak. Think about what type of blind would fit with your style and how you want to let light flow in, is privacy a concern?

These carefully considered elements all help to create a welcoming, enjoyable and liveable living room.