How accepted are tattoos in 2022?

Tattoos were once dismissed as being something that only a certain type of person would have and in reality, they were not widely accepted by society. The reason behind this is not completely known but it did mean that tattoos were not hugely popular on a wider scale. However, it seems as though from the turn of the century more and more people have been choosing to have a tattoo – but why is this the case?

Did celebrities start the trend?

As we have mentioned, tattoos were once only something that certain people had. We’re not stereotyping but we are saying that because they were not widely accepted, most people chose not to have one. Some people who might have had a tattoo many decades ago and as they grew older, might have started looking into tattoo removal experts. However, things were about to change.

As the calendar hit the year 2000, it seemed as though we had an explosion in the form of high-level celebrities. Some might say that David Beckham might have started the trend of tattoos and from here we were seeing more famous people such as pop stars, actors and celebrities from other industries showing off their latest designs. As a result, tattoos were then plastered across newspapers and eventually online once the internet had become mainstream. All of this inspired people to look at getting their first tattoo. Not only were young people choosing to get their first tattoo, but older people were getting inked for the first time too.

Society has more of an open mind

There is no denying that we have become more accepting as a society and now, more people are happy to accept those who might be considered different. Anyone who once had a tattoo would be considered different or unique but as tattoos became more mainstream, people started to accept them instead of frown upon them.

This gave people more confidence to be themselves and make the change to their bodies that they wanted by arranging to have tattoos. It gave people the opportunity to express themselves in new and exciting ways because tattoo designs were widely accepted, and this has resulted in us seeing more and more unique designs.

Tattoos have become a trend

Back in the early days when tattoos started to become widely accepted, trends were driving the kind of tattoos that people were choosing to have. Tribal bands was once a popular trend, but this evolved to the point where people started to get creative. They would have tattoos of varying sizes, different designs that had meaning and some had full portraits. This creativity has been embraced and while tattooing has always been a form of art, some of the work that is being done at the moment is incredible.

So, we are now living in a time whereby society is more accepting and as tattoos have become mainstream and trendy, they are definitely more accepted than they ever have been.