7 reasons to move to Canada

If you are not happy with the country you live in, then maybe you should move to Canada. Does that sound too radical? Well, it might, until you find out what is so great about one of the friendliest countries on earth.

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1. Security is paramount

Canada has an enviable low crime rate. America wishes it had that kind of tranquility. In 2014, Canada earned an OECD Better Life Index rating of 9.7/10 for safety. Gun ownership is four times lower than in the US, while gun owners are vetted through a lengthy and strict licensing process.

2. Education is top-notch

Canada spends more per capita on education than any other country in the world. Not only are many people well-educated, but they are also greatly skilled in their various workplaces, ensuring great quality of life for everyone. Students can benefit from the education system’s provisions as well.

3. The culture is vibrant

Canada is full of immigrants. You cannot walk down a street without thinking ‘cultural melting pot’ the entire time. Canada will embrace you if you embrace it. If you live in especially diverse places, you can enjoy things like a vegan meal delivery Toronto’s Freedom Jars has to offer. In a country with culture from all continents, you will hardly ever run out of cuisine choices.

4. Canadians are accepting

Canada is known for being a pioneer in civil rights and was the first non-European country to legalize same-sex marriage. The country is forward-thinking in immigration and does not tolerate hate crimes or race-based abuse. Here, you will feel like you are at home, away from home.

5. The economy is stable

Many career opportunities exist in Canada, where the banking system is strong and trusted. The economy has been voted the most stable by the World Economic Forum for seven years straight. In the G20 nations, it has the second-highest standard of living. The economy relies on manufacturing, services, technology, energy, and agriculture. It is also driven by small to mid-size businesses that provide things like whole coffee beans or gluten-free products, which you could get into since they have low entry barriers.

6. Quality of life

One of the best parts about being in Canada is that you have the best of everything. Job opportunities exist to help you gain satisfaction, the people are nice, and healthcare is even better. Finally, you can have a lot of fun visiting pristine places or buying a Canadian gaming chair like the Anda seat for indoor fun.

7. Canada is a beauty

The countryside is made up of almost 10 million square kilometers of pristine wilderness. The lake sits like sparkling gems in the middle of almost mystical woodlands. Everywhere you go, you are about to see something beautiful or unique. Would you like to swim with a polar bear or sleep in an ice hotel? Canada has it.

Take Toronto, for instance. It was named the fourth most attractive city globally, proving that Canada may seem laid back, but it can have pretty cities.