Becoming a Digital Nomad in Canada

Hey, digital nomads and wannabe digital nomads? How does it feel to be empowered by technology enough to break free of the workplace’s constraints?

Being a digital nomad is a pretty sweet gig. You get to move around, see places, and work at the same time. You earn your living by making your own hours, selling your skills to appropriate bids, and experiencing the world around you.

Now, imagine doing all of that in Canada, one of the safest and most beautiful countries on earth. How would you go about becoming a digital nomad in Canada?

Why Canada?

Well, let’s look at it point-by-point.

  1. You Won’t Feel Out of Place

Canada is a cultural melting pot where you will meet people from all over the world, in all fields. It won’t feel like you are alone. You can meet other people from your home country working in Canada, in addition to fraternizing with other citizens of the world in a country that not only encourages immigration but makes it easy for you to have the quality-of-life Americans wish they had. Not only is it a melting pot, it also has very relaxed laws in regards to cannabis use, so can use the best bulk branded grinders and roll a fat one while you chill with new like minded friends from around the world.

  1. Cities Galore

Canada has some of the prettiest cities on that side of the world. Ottawa is a great place to start. It is a vibrant city full of cultural diversity and is an active urban center. Winnipeg, Montreal, and Toronto are all great choices since they have their own unique charms. The breakfast delivery Toronto services are just some of the allures you will encounter.

  1. Internet Access

Canada’s internet connection is excellent. It is ranked in the top ten countries with the fastest internet speeds. You can also frequent workspaces where coworking and temporary offices are set up with access to Wi-Fi.

  1. Entertainment and Leisure

Canada is not only beautiful enough for you to look at and be entertained out of your mittens; it is also known for its winter sports. You can take the time to learn how to ski and skate. The parks are pristine, the lakes are gleaming jewels, and the wildlife is diverse. Most of these attractions are a must-see.

Before you go?

If you are not from Canada, you will most likely need a visa. The visitor visa can be submitted to the Canadian embassy or consulate in your country. When you get to Canada, immigration officers will tell you how long you will be staying by stamping the passport. Most visitors are eligible for a six-month passport.

In Conclusion

Becoming a digital nomad is not for everyone. It can get difficult and grueling if things do not work out properly. It takes a high level of commitment, preparation, vigilance, and hard work.

However, if you choose your locations right (think maple leaves), you too can easily settle in and maybe even make good enough friends who you’d want to surprise with a homemade dinner or wine gift box sets on Thanksgiving or Christmas.