5 Reasons To Fall In Love With Normandy

What do you look for in a vacation destination? Is it historical significance, or cultural value? Do you prize child-friendly activities above all else? Perhaps the scenery or outdoor pursuits matter most to you. Normandy offers all this and more. 

Need to know more? Here are the top 5 reasons to fall in love with Normandy. 

Normandy is a Beacon for Military History Buffs 

Normandy is well known to history buffs, even those who have never visited the region. It was the scene of the world-famous D-Day military invasion, a turning point in World War 2. The Allied forces landed on the beaches of Normandy to gain a foothold in the Nazi regime’s occupied territories.

The D-day landing beaches, as they came to be known, attract visitors from around the world. You’ll learn more about the significance of these sites on one of the Band of Brothers Tours. This company offers a range of tours, from economical to all-inclusive. 

The popular all-inclusive 6-day Beaches of Normandy Tour is the company’s signature tour and is the best way to explore the 5 landing beaches. It also includes other points of interest such as the Pegasus Bridge Memorial, Utah Beach Museum, and the UNESCO World Heritage site of Mont-Saint-Michel.

It’s a Cultural Gem

Normandy is a haven of historical and cultural importance, and we’re not just talking about its role in WW2. The region is very old, and many Medieval castles still stand today. These are typically well-preserved and offer guided tours. 

Some of the best ones to visit for a glimpse into the past are Château de Caen, Château de Creully, Château de Falaise, and the Château de Gisors. But there are several more. These landmarks bear witness to times of great upheaval in the region’s history, and the establishment of Norman culture.

For something a little different, visit the Bayeux Museum. It houses one of the most famous artifacts from the Middle Ages, the Bayeux tapestry. Encased in glass to preserve it for future generations, this embroidered artwork chronicles the events leading up to the Norman Conquest of England. 

Normandy has Beautiful Natural Scenery

Lovers of the great outdoors always talk about Normandy’s scenic beauty. It’s the ideal setting for a hike or road trip. Indeed, it has all the hallmarks of a good road trip region. There’s temperate weather, stunning scenery, and a wealth of historical sites along the way.

Many travelers agree Normandy is best explored by car, bike, or campervan. This allows you to sightsee at your own pace, stopping when and where you want to. You’ll want to make many stops if only to take some vacation pics or videos for your friends and family back home.

Try visiting during the low tourist periods to ensure you can enjoy your surroundings without heavy traffic or bustling crowds. These include the months of January, February, and March. April is the start of Spring in Normandy and is also a good time to visit, so you can see the blooming of beautiful flowers in the wild. 

It’s a Watersport Enthusiast’s Paradise

Keen surfers are always looking for the top places to surf, especially when on vacation. If that’s you, you’re in luck. Normandy has some excellent surf spots, to suit everyone from a novice to a seasoned surfer. 

For those with less experience and skill, the beach break with sand at Trouville-sur-Mer is a good bet. The local North Shore Surf School offers equipment, and surf lessons for all skill levels. Advanced surfers will enjoy the more challenging conditions at Pointe de Chicard in Yport. 

But Normandy has many more good surfing spots to choose from. Just remember to check the local surf conditions and weather reports before heading out to catch the waves. And if surfing is not your thing, don’t worry, Normandy offers a wide variety of watersport activities, along the coast and inland. 

Normandy is Great for Family Vacations

Traveling as a family is an opportunity to build stronger bonds and lasting memories. But to be sure those are peaceful memories, it’s best to visit child-friendly spots. Normandy has much to offer families traveling with young children. 

Beaches and parks, museums, and castles provide hours of entertainment for all ages. For even more kid-friendly fun, take your children on a horse-drawn carriage ride at La Calèche de Saint-Pierre, in Basse-Normandie. Or let them loose on the gorgeous vintage carousel at Honfleur Harbour.

When traveling with children, your main concern, understandably, is safety. Fortunately, there are many cities deemed safe for travel. But for a safe and child-friendly destination, head to Normandy. It is considered a safe place to travel, solo or as a family, with lots to see and do at every turn.