What is the most important factor when choosing a holiday?

When you sit down to book a holiday, what factors dictate your destination choice? There is a lot to consider here and it is slightly different for each person, but there are some general aspects of the trip which you can have a think about in terms of helping you to decide where to go, how to go and what sort of place you are looking to enjoy.

Different vacations suit different needs and different people and these are the main things that you should be thinking about before you decide to book that next trip, let’s take a look.

Holiday Type

The first thing to start thinking about is the kind of holiday which you are looking for, are you heading off for some sunshine? For adventure? Winter wonderland? Relaxation? Discovery? All of these vacations are going to be different and whilst there are some which can include a number of aspects such as a destination where you can relax and have some adventures, it is worth making a note of what you are looking for.

Home Comforts

Some of us find it far easier to spend time in far flung corners of the world than others and that is of course why we end up with these popular tourist destinations around the world. There are others however who do enjoy that level of exploration in somewhere new and wholly different from their own home and for those people, a popular tourist trap is unlikely to be the sort of place which they are going to enjoy. Consider what type of experience you want in terms of how different the destination is from your home.


Wouldn’t it be lovely if budget wasn’t a consideration which we had to make, sadly however, for the large majority of us, this is a very important factor in deciding both where you will be going on your vacation and what type of place you will be staying in. It is important that you really have a budget in  mind before you start looking for places because there is always a temptation to fall in love with a destination that is really outside of your price range, and then putting yourself in a bit of financial difficulty to go there. Vacations are great but they shouldn’t cause you 6 months of economic pain just to enjoy a week away.

DIY or Tour

The more traditional way of booking holidays was to do so through a tour company but we are seeing more and more people who are looking to DIY their experience and organize each aspect of the trip on their own, I must say that I am certainly a big fan of the DIY option but I appreciate that some just want to pay a single fee and have everything sorted out for them, this will be another important factor in booking your holiday.

Which part of the planning process do you find most important?