The Slow Death of My Dream To Sail The World

Alright first of all I’d like to preface this with the fact that I am a big believer in chasing dreams, and I am also a big believer in accepting that it is ok for some dreams to die. In order to illustrate this best, I want to talk today about the dream that I once had to sail around the world, and the death of that dream, and why I’m alright with it.

This is something which I was discussing with my husband the other day, because we were talking about how we may go about managing the kid’s dreams as they get older. I am more than happy to support a dream, but only if there is a pragmatic approach or pathway as to how it will be achieved. What I certainly will be supporting in my children is the acceptance that not all dreams are possible to achieve, and that trying and failing is absolutely fine.

Dreaming Big

Travel was always something that I had in my mind when I was younger and I had a real passion for the sea, so the perfect dream was to sail around the world. If I am being completely honest now that I look back, I never really aimed my compass towards the dream, I would reference it of course, talk about what it meant to me and the truth is that I really wanted to embark on the journey, I just never really made the effort to actually make it happen.


This is the number 1 reason why everyone should pursue their dreams, because there are always these amazing by-products which come about. As you will all know, I have been traveling now for a number of years and all of that adventure was prevalent in the original dream. There is no way that if I didn’t have this idea in the first place that I would’ve ended up on the path that I am on. I may not be sailing around the world but I am traveling it, and that has come as a result of that original dreams of sailing around the world.

Sea Legs

If I am being completely honest, I don’t think that I would’ve survived very long at sea. I have taken cruises and enjoyed them, as well as the odd boat trip but I am always pretty happy to get back on land. All this being said, it is clear that whilst traveling the world was a good idea, the idea of doing it by sea was a pipe dream which lead me to a brilliant life, but it was only ever the embryo of an idea, and that is why I was more than happy to allow  that dream to slowly die out.

What are your feelings of creating dreams and allowing them to die if they don’t work out? Let us know what you think in the comments section below this.