We Can’t Wait – #vanlife

Inspired by what some of our friends did last year, we are about  to embark on the most incredible camper van tour of Mexico and a little bit of Central America in the coming months and I am so freaking excited for it. The initial finding of the van was the toughest part here, as with the kids things had to be a little bit more, well… hygienic. Had it just been the two of us on this trip we’d have happily snatched up a discounted camper on the cheap and hit the road, making do as we went, but as any parent will know, things don’t half change when the kids come along. We are officially hitting the road in 2 weeks, and here is what I am most excited about.


Something which I certainly find to be the case when you drive rather than fly or take trains, is that you run into all kinds fo unexpected delights, and even some bad stuff too. There is a much greater chance of something weird and wonderful happening when you drive, and given how much of it we’ll be doing, it is certainly something that I’m looking forward to.


Is there anything which displays freedom like living inside a moving vehicle? I am not entirely sure that there is. We can sleep just about anywhere we like, we can drive for as long as we want, we can take random turns left and right and just see where the road takes us, stop for sights and sunsets and basically just roam with absolutely and guilt free liberty.


I am so excited to explore more of Mexico and that is because within the one country there are so many variances with regards to the culture and the way of life, and that is something I cannot wait to dig into. The same goes for Central America to be honest, we have dipped our toes in those waters before but not like this, those were more tourist breaks and this is, well, this is more of a raw and rugged style of travel.


I have to be honest there is a bit of me which is worried about us being vulnerable here, especially with the kids, and that is why our route will not be taking us through the likes of San Pedro Sula or San Salvador, but rather we will be taking the somewhat safer routes and main roads. This will restrict the travel experience ever so slightly, but we have to ensure our safety. In the interest of remaining transparent, there is a part of me which looks forward to the slightly bad things happening because they are the best memories. I must say that I do not refer to kidnappings or violence, just the breakdowns, the wrong turns and perhaps running out of petrol in an idyllic landscape.

We will officially be living the van life soon, so stay tuned for some more updates coming your way.