Wall Mounted Electric Fires – Get That Cosy Effect

Wall hung electric fires will bring a contemporary look to any room. They are ideal for a room that does not have a hearth or even space for a free-standing fire. They take up no more room than a flat-screen TV on the wall and offer the warm glow of a real fire, even when the heat source is off. You can watch the hypnotic flicker of flames in the summer months if you wish.

Choosing a Fire

When choosing a fire, there are many assorted designs and technical specifications that can make the decision difficult. Several factors need to be considered before purchasing wall-hung electric fires.

The style of the fire will depend on the room it is to be hung in and the decor of that room. Styles can vary according to colour and size, and fires are available that will match almost any colour scheme. These fires are often the room’s focal point and are a popular choice for living rooms. The fire chosen should not be so big that it overpowers the room, but also not too small that it does not have the desired impact.

Back Lights

Wall-mounted fires can also be back-lit with different coloured light, to blend with the room decor, or you can choose one with varied lights that you can change to suit the mood.

Power Ratings

The purpose of the fire will also need to be considered. Wall-hung electric fires make excellent decorative features, but if the fire is also to be used to heat the room, then consideration will need to be given to the power rating of the fire. Some fires are available with different heat settings so you can use them to either provide a small amount of heat or to heat the whole room.

Sleek and Modern

Wall hung electric fires can be purchased from most electrical or DIY stores. The advantage of buying a fire from a physical shop is that a salesperson will give advice on the best fire to choose for the customer’s specific requirements. Alternatively, you can buy a fire from an online retailer where the price may be lower than if purchased from a store. Online, it is also easier to view dozens of styles from the comfort of your home. This is a more appealing choice if you are not keen on traipsing around a store or travelling from one retailer to another.

Quick to Install

Most wall-hung electric fires can be installed quickly and easily. A wall bracket may need to be attached to the wall, and then you can hang the fire directly onto the bracket. All required fixtures and fittings should come with the fire. If you have problems with lifting the fire, an electrician or handyman can fit the fire, and this should not be too expensive as it is a job that will not take too long under normal circumstances.

Energy Efficient

Electric fires used to have a reputation of being inefficient and costly to run. This has changed as technology has advanced, and today electric fires can be a cost-effective way to heat a room. Wall hung electric fires are ideal for modern homes and complement contemporary decor perfectly.