Traveling with Kids? Top Tips to Make It Stress-Free

Traveling with kids can be so fulfilling and worthwhile for the whole family. Introducing your kids to the joys and wonders of the world is one of the true delights of being a parent, and what better way to show your kids just how big and amazing life can be than by traveling together? 

Of course, as with every great thing, there are caveats. Traveling with kids, particularly young kids, can be very stressful. It can also get very expensive. The good news is that there are many ways to get out there and make it as stress-free as possible. 

1. Focus on Kid-Friendly Activities

Choosing kid-friendly destinations and activities doesn’t have to mean you are going somewhere solely dedicated to kids. It just means that kids have things that interest them as well as the whole family. Go to Atlanta, for example, and there are so many incredible kid friendly things to do, from hiking to shows, museums, exhibits, and even Adventure Air Sports, which offers exciting activities like a trampoline court and ninja warrior obstacle course. 

Essentially, if the activity speaks to your inner child, then it will delight your kids!

2. Stay Rested 

The fastest way to turn a nice day into a tantrum is to push your kids to the point where they are hungry or tired. Everyone gets grumpy, and kids are already using so much of their energy growing every day. 

To avoid the issue of tiredness or hunger causing frustration and meltdowns, plan multiple rest stops. From having regular meals to taking snack times to even going back to the hotel for a nap in the middle of the day, there are many ways to keep everyone rested and happy. 

3. Minimize Activities 

Taking the time to enjoy something fully is a great way to improve the experience, minimize tiredness, and is how you can save money without it feeling like you are. By taking a whole afternoon to explore a museum or even a whole day, you can learn a lot as a family and get the most value out of that one ticket (while also making time for rest, chats, meals, and so on). 

If you do want to do more than one activity per day, consider how physically or mentally demanding that activity is. If you plan on going for a hike, don’t follow up with something that takes a lot of focus. Instead, you can go and watch a movie that just came out so that the bodies can rest while the minds take focus. 

4. Have a Go-Kit 

When you leave, you will want to always have water, sunscreen, snacks, and, yes, some low-energy activity like a book or a small tablet. This will help you counteract crankiness and give everyone some alone time, even if you are together. If you get tired, for example, you can sit in a park for some quiet time, and everyone can enjoy an activity on their own. 

In the end, a great trip with kids is all about balance. Balance activities, your energy levels, and your time together or apart.