My Next Reinvention

I have always held the belief that it is essential to live like Madonna, constantly reinventing yourself. This is not only good for the soul but it is something which I think the human body needs, especially now that we are living as long as we are. Many reinventions which we go through are not planned, child to teen to adult for example, but I have never desired to spend that time between 20 and old age being the same person.

I have always sought to reinvent myself in some capacity, be that having kids or hitting the road, and I am currently sitting here planning my next reinvention. This is something which I have successfully done on multiple occasions and here is what I believe you should be thinking about if you wish to do the same.

No Problem

For me the idea of reinvention is not about looking to solve a problem per se, I am not looking to change myself because I see something wrong, on the contrary in fact. The way that I see it is that I am a building with strong foundations and with each time that I reinvent myself or add something new that is positive to my life, I am able to build another floor, which looks different from the last but which uses all of those floors which I have previously built as a stable support for this new part of the structure.

Open Mind

If you approach this with a closed mind then you are unlikely to really achieve a reinvention, and you are far more likely to simply add something extra to your life, which is great, but it’s not the full job. It is important that you allow your ideas to run wild here, you can be almost anything that you set your mind to, absolutely anything. When I meet people on the road and they tell me about their old lives I can’t recognize the person they are telling me about, given the free thinking and exciting person who I am speaking with. This just goes to show the importance of a reinvention.

Map It Out

Reinvention may very well come with some obstacles and that s fine, the importance is that you map out what your new life is going to look like, and consider all aspects of it. A perfect example here, albeit slightly extreme, I could, logistically speaking, easily walk away from my partner and kids tomorrow, and never turn back, become a new person and completely reinvent myself. The obstacles to that are of course the fact that I am not a selfish maniac and I love the kids and my partner more than life itself, the point here is that there are things which can be done, but there are good things standing in the way and that is fine. Map out what can be done, and then consider whether or not it should or whether or not you would want to do it.

Go ahead and find a new you.