Lunch at Nahm (Bangkok, Thailand)

The chic restaurant Nahm was the only place where I wanted to go and celebrate our anniversary last month. I had heard for ever about this place and it seemed that just about anyone I spoke to about great food in the city suggested that we try here.

The reservation wasn’t easy to be honest, and I got lucky that there had been a cancellation before I booked, it was clear that this is a popular spot. I was a little surprised when I saw that the place only had 4 stars on Google, but I guess restaurants can easily lose reputation based on someone not enjoying the food, rather than the restaurant being necessarily bad. The reality is that the restaurant always has high reviews and always features in award winning lists around the world, so I’ll trust the pros over the tourists.

Michelin Star Quality

At the time of writing the restaurant has 2 Michelin Stars, but it is widely believed that the third is not too far away. I have eaten in a couple of Michelin Starred restaurants and there is just that little extra which you notice once you get the food. These guys make the simplest food just taste so damn good, and they can make a carrot taste like it came from heaven.

Lunch Choices

Check out some of these lunch choices, and tell me you’re not salivating once you have read them:

  • Savoury sauce of shrimp, peanuts, coconut, and golden beans, served with fresh, cooked and fried vegetables
  • Southern yellow curry of blue swimmer crab with betel leaves and calamansi
  • Coconut cream dressing with fresh herbs, dried prawns and fish dumplings

I opted for the shrimp and my goodness I could have eaten it 10 times over.


When it comes to Michelin Stars they say that the first is given for the quality of the food, the second for the food and the service and the third is given based on the entire package. This is again why Nahm is expecting its 3rd star, because everything is impeccable. The ingredients are locally sourced, amazingly cooked and perfectly presented, the service is absolutely incredible and the staff know every meal inside out.

Finally I want to talk about the cost of the restaurant. At the time of writing, my dish in particular had a cost of 700 Baht, which works out at around 20 bucks, for a meal, at a Michelin Starred restaurant!!! Just repeat that in your head.

Thailand is of course very low cost but even in countries around the world which I have visited which have low cost, I have found that there are still some items and restaurants which have ‘Western’ prices. This is not the case at Nahm and you can enjoy a high quality meal for next to nothing, that is why it is so tough to get reservation.