Six Ways to Wow Your Customers with Your Packaging

The eCommerce world is forever changing. In the past decade, we are more than happy to receive our parcels in two days, regardless if the box they come in is a little banged up. Today, thanks to the popularity of unboxing videos, retailers have to be extra careful with their products’ packaging. How you package your products is now more important than ever.

Your products’ packaging serves several purposes. That’s what many retailers forget. As much as it is important to wow customers with your product packaging, it is also vital to make sure that your products are safe and unbothered inside. Don’t sacrifice function and safety for aesthetics.

Go Big with Branding

What’s going to set your packaging apart? So many retailers forget that many other businesses offer the same products as them. That’s why you need to make your packaging different. Maybe you can use a box with a different shape such as octagon or pentagon? When customers see your packaging, they should immediately recognize it for your brand. This connection should never be lost.

Think Premium

What will make your packaging look and feel premium? One of the most popular packaging materials now is gold foil. Wouldn’t the product look premium when it is wrapped in gold foil? The only problem here is that it easily creases. So you should be careful about the use of premium packaging like this one, especially when shipping out these items. It’s a different case, of course, when you’re using it in your brick-and-mortar store where the customer is responsible for handling the products.

Make It Simple

While you should go big with branding and make the packaging premium, you should also keep things simple and clean. Cluttered images on your packaging will confuse your customers. What really are you trying to sell? What is your brand trying to say? If you are going to use an odd-shaped box for your packaging, you don’t need to use complex designs anymore. A clean and simple design is enough.

Consider Shelf Clutter

Can your customers reuse your packaging? Can they turn the box into a nice container for their trinkets? If they cannot reuse your packaging, customers wouldn’t even think twice about throwing them away. Aside from that, think about how your products will look like in retail stores—whether malls, boutiques, or grocery stores. Your goal should be for these stores to display as many of your products as their shelves will allow. Saving space should be on top of your mind.

Make Your Customers Feel Special

How do you feel when you receive something in nice packaging? Good packaging makes customers feel special. They’ll remember your brand, and they will likely order from you again. This is important for small businesses that want to distinguish themselves from bigger and impersonalized brands. It will not be lost on your customers that you took the time and effort to package the products nicely.

Personalize the Packaging

Is there a way for you to personalize and customize the boxes? Can you use a specialized ribbon where you can print the recipient’s name? Customizing packages isn’t that big yet in eCommerce and even in physical retail stores. This, however, is the future of product packaging. The more you can customize and personalize the products, the better it will be for your sales. You can begin experimenting with this idea.

Remember these three things when choosing the packaging for your products: function, aesthetics, and branding. These will make your product something your customers will always remember. Every time you try to divert from these things, you will lose whatever momentum you gained.