How To Tell A Story In A Travel Video

Travel videos are something that everybody likes to see since they include a plethora of intriguing information about various locations. Videos are the most vivid products that people remember even after a long period. It leaves an impression on the viewer’s psyche. However, it can only be possible if you use appropriate tools, equipment, and a few tips while shooting your travel video. 

If you are a travel blogger or planning to start one, you must be aware of a few tips that can assist you in telling your travel story captivatingly. 

Here is a step-by-step guide to creating an intriguing travel video.

1. Decide the Way to Represent Your Story

The first thing you should do is plot your story progression. Make a note of the contents that you will shoot in your video. Decide what will be the beginning, middle, and end parts. Start your video with a breathtaking view of the location you’re visiting, since it will help you capture the audience’s attention quickly. Once you have introduced the place, you may go on to the substance of the video. You may include little video clips of all the sites you encounter along the way if you’re on a stroll around the city.

Additionally, you can also add clips of having a fun time with your companions. Talk about your day plan, which places you will visit, what new cuisines you will try, etc. Include every exciting part of your day in the video. 

If you are visiting any famous place, talk about the memorable experience of that particular location. Make sure to write down all the relevant details. You can offer a quick review of your entire journey as a summary, or provide a few travel suggestions after the video.

2. Envision Your Storyline

Once you have mapped your story, start visualizing your story. Keep everything in mind. Think about the places and list the type of shots you will be required to shoot at the locations. 

Having a list will ensure that you will shoot your video in the best possible way. This preplanning will make your work easy by allowing you to imagine the end result of your video. It will also assist in identifying gaps and fixing them to make the video more appealing. 

3. Shoot Your Video

Video making is an essential part of any video. If you are an experienced video maker, you will be able to shoot your video hassle-free. But, if you are a beginner, you will have to put in extra effort and hard work to capture your audience’s eyeballs. Take creative and engaging shots. Your start should be gripping from the beginning as it will make the viewers glue their eyes. Use right angles to capture good footage. Make sure your camera isn’t moving around too much because this might irritate your audience.

Most individuals watch travel videos to learn about the culture, architecture, and other distinctive aspects of a location. It’s preferable to keep the video focused on the destination rather than on yourself. Concentrate on the people, their customs, and the food. Good content, along with a competent video maker, can do wonders. Keep your video informative and exciting at the same time. 

4. Don’t Make it Lengthy.

Your video should be comprehensive yet concise. Long-duration videos are considered monotonous by many people. If your content is lengthy, don’t try to cover everything in a single video. Make a lot of clips, since short films easily pique people’s curiosity.

5. Use Right Editing Tools

Video editing is an integral part of every video since it delivers the final context. Sometimes, despite having excellent material, a video fails to pique viewers’ interest owing to poor editing. 

Several online video maker tools are available, among which you can choose as per their features and your needs. Using a correct online video editor will improve the quality and presentation of your video.

6. Don’t End Your Video Abruptly. 

Just like the beginning, the ending of your story is also important. Always include your end remarks in your travel videos to end it smoothly. You may also talk about the destination or topic of your next video in the end, since it will stimulate the audience’s excitement, and they will eagerly wait for your next video. As a result, on your next video, the viewership will be increased, and your video will receive a good response. 

You may also show bloopers in the end. Any video production involves a lot of fun, excitement, and hard work. While watching a video, people frequently wonder how it was shot. Giving your audience a behind-the-scenes look will provide added entertainment to your viewers. 

7. Create Dramatic Videos

Shoot an expressive and theatrical video in nature to interest viewers. In addition, choose a piece of excellent background music. Since music sets the mood of your video, it’s necessary to select music that accompanies and enhances the overall vibe. A fantastic story against a terrific musical and auditory arrangement will always captivate audiences.

8. Choose the Correct Platform

In addition to the strategies mentioned above, selecting the right distribution platform for your travel video is critical for increasing viewership. There are multiple platforms available such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc., where you can publish your video. Choose an option with an enormous audience reach to reach more people with your message.

Concluding Comments

Excellent narration is a great way to make a fascinating video, no matter what content you want to convey to your audience. Instead of an explanation video, create an intriguing plot with persons or circumstances that your target viewers can relate to and love. It will cause people to recall your narrative. A thrilling travel video will bring you recognition; however, your video must be rewarding and accurately depict your emotions.