Child Friendly Slots that got banned

The extent of gambling in the 21st century is nothing short of fascinating, especially when you consider quite how many more gamblers there are using online book makers which they can visit and make a bet or play games such as online slots, video poker or live roulette these days. Of course, we have always loved to gamble, but with the emergence of online casino and online slots in particular the act of gambling has become a lot easier for a huge variety of different people. 

Whilst this is nothing but a good thing in the vast majority of instances, one thing that is important to remember is the fact that online casinos have also made it a lot easier for underage children to engage in gambling activity. This is especially true of the online slots world, where there are a variety of child friendly slots that aren’t even that difficult to play. Read on for a few child friendly Star Slots from over the years that have ended up getting banned. 

OMG! Kittens 

With a name like OMG! Kittens it is perhaps of no surprise that this particular online slot quickly ended up being banned due to its incredibly child friendly appearance and design. This online slot was completely and utterly obsessed with the cute world of kittens, which was amazing news for cat loving online slot enthusiasts, but it also problematically made it far too appealing for small children too. The developer behind the slot game was the legendary WGS company, however it seems as though they might have got things slightly wrong with this one. 

In fact, the standard 5 reel modern online slot OMG! Kittens was quite quickly blacklisted in a variety of territories, with its major appeal to children being listed as the main reason. Many gamblers will be slightly angry about this, especially seeing as there are several measures in place to make sure that children cannot even access online casino sites, let alone play the game they find on them. Whilst this is mostly true, it isn’t in OMG! Kittens’ case, because one kid managed to spend several thousand dollars of his unlucky father’s money playing the game! 

Rainbow Riches 

One of the most obvious things about the modern online slot industry is its complete and utter saturation with “luck of the Irish” themed slot games, something that can be traced all the way down to the influence of the incredible Rainbow Riches series of online slot games courtesy of the legendary slot developer Barcrest. Seriously, if it wasn’t for these games we are pretty sure there would be nowhere near as many Irish themed slot games on the market these days, they really are that influential! 

Furthermore, the Rainbow Riches slot franchise has genuinely been responsible for hundreds of thousands of new slot players entering the market, however some of these are not as welcome as others… Oh yes, that’s right, there have been a few countries that have ended up banning Rainbow Riches, mainly because they are worried that it will attract too many children to the slot gambling world.