Cassey Ho Net Worth

Cassey Ho Net Worth: How Rich is The Calisthenics Youtuber?

Speaking of fearless, let’s talk about Cassie Ho’s journey, her early life, and her education. We will also have a look at Cassey Ho’s net worth.

Cassey Ho Vinh is a prominent American fitness entrepreneur renowned for her social media prowess. With a thriving YouTube channel and an online store offering fitness apparel, she empowers individuals on their wellness journeys. Garnering recognition, she secured a Shorty Award in 2013 for her contribution to social fitness. 

Cassey’s impact transcends her digital presence; in 2014, she challenged photo manipulation, highlighting the potential harm it poses to an individual’s well-being. Her stand led Target to rectify an altered image. Confronting body negativity, she produced a powerful YouTube video, “The ‘Perfect’ Body,” in 2015. 

Her digital influence scored a spot in Time’s “25 Most Influential People on the Internet” list and Forbes’ Top Influencers – Fitness List in 2017.

Cassey Ho Net Worth

As of 2024, Cassey Ho’s net worth is estimated to be around $7–8 million. Most of her fortune stems from her YouTube channel, where she puts up fitness-related videos. 

Cassey Ho’s Main Income

Cassey Ho is a certified Pilates and Fitness Instructor, and the primary source of her income comes from her fitness training videos on her YouTube channel-

Blogilates. Here, she provides comprehensive PIIT28, POP Pilates, and boot camp Sculpting workout sessions. As per reports, her YouTube channel makes a whopping $54,000 each month. 

Other than this, Cassey also has her own blog, where she writes about fitness, workout routines, diets, recipes, and body positivity. The website also has a POPFLEX line of workout apparel as well as accessories like yoga mats, gym bags, bottles, and hats. All of this adds up to Cassey Ho’s net worth substantially. 

Cassey Ho’s Other income

Cassey also has other income sources that stem from her brand sponsorship deal with Target. She also gathers a hefty amount from the ads that play during her YouTube videos and the collaborations she does with other YouTubers in the fitness and beauty realm. 

Furthermore, in 2014, Cassey introduced an alternative revenue stream by launching her fitness DVD titled “POP Pilates: Total Body Workout.” Notably, she also transitioned away from her authored works, including “Live Happy Throughout the Year” and “Cassey Ho’s Hot Body Year-Round: The Pop Pilates Plan to Lose Weight and Eat Clean.”

All these endeavours also influenced Cassey Ho’s net worth considerably. 

Cassey Ho Social Media Accounts

Cassey is active on several social media platforms where she shares her fitness expertise, motivational insights, and engaging workout routines. Here are her handles:

Cassey Ho Personal Life, Stats & Facts

Cassey is happily married to Sam Livits, who is also the Head of Strategy at the companies she started. They met back in 2008 while they were both in college, where she studied business. Since she wanted help with finance, she met Sam, who was her senior. The couple fell in love and tied the knot in 2018. 

Cassey Ho’s Rise to Fame,

The turning point in Cassey’s life, came in 2009 when she began posting fitness videos on YouTube. Relocating from Los Angeles to Boston for a fashion buying job, she also taught Pilates part-time, and her initial YouTube video, “POP Pilates: Total Body Sculpt”, drew attention despite technical challenges.

Leaving her fashion job due to dissatisfaction, she started teaching Pilates more frequently, allowing time to create more workout videos. Her YouTube channel’s popularity surged, and she became a YouTube Partner, enhancing her website’s traffic. She was recognised in Forbes, featured in social media marketing books, and awarded Fitness Magazine’s Fitterati prize. 

Her YouTube success led to her being named a YouTube lounge leader at the Sundance Film Festival. Apart from success and fame, Cassey Ho’s net worth also witnessed a major boost during this era. 

Ho’s achievements extended to the clothing industry with the launch of her activewear collection “Bodypop” in 2014. In 2016, she introduced a new line called “Popflex.” Throughout her journey, Cassey Ho’s engaging and vibrant approach to fitness videos has propelled her to become a significant influencer in the realm of fitness and entrepreneurship. 

Cassey Ho’s Early Life & Education

Cassey Ho, a Chinese-Vietnamese American, was born in Los Angeles, California, and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her parents, Bach Ho and Cuu Ho, along with her sister Jackelyn, contribute to her family. As a youngster, Cassey struggled with her body image due to being treated differently by her peers, motivating her to become more body-conscious. During her teenage years, she co-founded “Complex Cookies & Candies,” a bakery venture with her mother that operated from 2001 to 2005. Her interest in fitness sparked at the age of 16 when she encountered Pilates.

Cassey attended James Logan High School and achieved the title of San Francisco Miss Teen Chinatown in 2003. Despite her Asian background, her aspiration for a career in fashion design contradicted her parents’ expectations of pursuing a medical or legal path. Enrolling at Whittier College with a full scholarship, she intended to become a doctor. After graduating in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in biology, she pursued her passion for fitness and entrepreneurship.

Stats & Facts

  • DOB- 16 January 1987 (36 years old)
  • Location- Los Angeles, California
  • Height- 5 feet 4 inches (165 centimeters)
  • Marital status- Married 

Cassey Ho’s Net Worth in 2025?

Cassey Ho’s net worth is expected to increase in the foreseeable future due to her diverse income streams and expanding influence. With her lucrative YouTube channel, her online fitness empire remains a stable foundation. Moreover, her blog, website, and POPFLEX product line contribute significantly to her earnings. 

Collaborations, sponsorships, and brand deals further boost her income. As her online presence continues to attract a vast audience and her influence in the fitness and beauty industry grows, she’ll likely secure more lucrative partnerships and opportunities. With her entrepreneurial spirit and ever-expanding reach, Cassey Ho’s net worth is anticipated to increase substantially in the coming years.