Biking The French Cliffs of Basque Country (Highly Recommended)

I have to be honest I wasn’t really up for a big cycling trip when we first decided to hit the French cliffs of the Basque Country, but I pushed on anyway as I knew that I would of course get some joy from it. In truth I think I was just having a bad day, because I love both cycling and epic views, and that is exactly what this incredible trip delivered.

I remember seeing a cute little postcard of the French Basque country during a hostel stay many years ago, and since then it had been on my list of places to travel to. The reason for biking was because the route is very cycle friendly indeed and it just seemed the best way to truly drink in this destination. As you can probably tell by my tone, I adored this trip, and here is why I’d recommend it.

Surfing Spots

My husband loves to surf and this we were told was the best place in the country to do it, and they weren’t wrong! We indulged in some surfing in a number of spots across the coast, and our favorite by a long stretch was the La Côte des Basques beach, a really popular surf spot and one which was perfect for all abilities. If you want to find good surf here, also check out Hendaye (beginners and intermediates), Guéthary (pros), Anglet, and Lafitenia beach in Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

The Views From La Rhune

The views which you get as you cycle in this part of the world are truly astonishing yet the crowing moment is the views which you’ll get from the top of this small mountain. In the wester Pyrenees there is the mountain La Rhune, which actually has 3 stars in the Michelin guide. The panoramic views from on top of this mountain are absolutely spectacular, and worth making the trip for.


Many of you may know about my sweet tooth, and this was where I indulged more than ever before. In fact this was much of the reason for cycling this trip, to ensure that I as able to burn off the volume of calories which I ingested from chocolate. Here in the region you’ll find Rue Port Neuf, also known as “chocolate street”, this is the spot where Bayonne’s oldest chocolatiers are to be discovered. Be sure to check out L’Atelier du Chocolat’s small museum; or attend Les Journées du Chocolat (Chocolate Days). Decadent and delicious.

Corniche Basque

There is a long stretch between Saint-Jean-de-Luz and Hendaye called the Cornich Basque, and it is just a heavenly slice of the world which you will never tire of overlooking. This coastal path gives way to lush meadows and green patches with incredible flowers and wildlife. If there was ever a photo of tranquility then it would be one of the delightful Corniche Basque, easily one of the most beautiful places which I have ever cycled through.

I could certainly go on and describe more of the beauty of this spot, instead I will just recommend that you go there, as soon as possible.