BCFS Health and Human Services EMD Operating Antibody Infusion Center in Montgomery County

BCFS Health and Human Services EMD is a nonprofit organization offering several capabilities for people around the world. It’s a nonprofit partner of federal, state, and local government and private industry. It coordinates with agencies to conduct emergency management, incident management, public health, medical disaster response, mass care, mass fatality management, and other initiatives for vulnerable populations.

In Texas, the organization performs several functions, including aiding in the fight against COVID-19. It operates monoclonal antibody infusion centers in Montgomery County and other Texas counties to boost residents’ immune systems against the deadly virus.

The organization offers FDA-approved monoclonal antibody infusions to provide a boost to patients’ immune systems. The infusions work by disrupting the ways the coronavirus spike protein hooks onto a person’s cells. It doesn’t eliminate the virus from the body but instead works to reduce the amount of “viral load” a patient carries. This can result in the person experiencing a mild to moderate illness instead of becoming severely ill and needing hospital care. It reduces the strain on both resources and healthcare staff by keeping some patients out of the hospital.

The Montgomery County Regional Infusion Center (RIC) in The Woodlands, Texas, can serve up to 90 people a day and has provided treatment to more than 1,500 people. The Woodlands Diagnostic Clinic offers several other services to help patients retain their optimal health.

In addition to the Montgomery County center, BCFS Health and Human Services EMD also offers infusions via RICs in Bexar, Nueces, Travis, Tarrant, and Webb Counties. The breadth of the organization’s services means convenient access to millions of Texans for this potentially lifesaving treatment.