Arrested While Out of State: What’s Next?

Regardless of the circumstance, getting arrested can be a daunting experience. Even more ratling is getting arrested away from your home state. Not only will you feel disoriented, but the uncertainty that comes with being locked up away from home can completely consume your confidence. 

One of the most important things to consider when you are in such a situation is how you can secure yourself from jail. Since your family, friends, and entire support system is far from reach, you can depend on attorneys such as the Law offices of Jeff Kennedy to post your bail. 

However, posting your bail alone isn’t the end of the journey. It’s worth mentioning that you will face an array of challenges even after bailing yourself out. Read along to determine what steps you should take to come out of your situation without more legal charges.

Remain Calm and Secure Bail

As mentioned above, securing bail is one of the first things you should do whenever you are arrested in a different state. The good news is that this doesn’t have to be chaotic or hectic. Since the justice system is synchronized, you can choose to secure your bail through a law agency anywhere in the USA. Considering your right to a phone call whenever you are arrested, it’s only ideal to contact your attorney or a family member to secure your bail. 

Prepare to Pay Your Bail in Cash

For out of state defendants, the chances are that the court will only accept monetary bail. This is mainly because such offenders don’t have any legal ties with the community within the state. So, depending on your circumstances, you can decide to use a professional bail bond company to post your bail. 

Alternatively, you can choose to rely on your attorney to post your bail. Regardless of whatever option you decide to pick, always be ready to pay for your bail in cash.

Be Ready to Travel Back and Forth for Your Hearing

Once you have secured your bail, the next step is to attend your hearings. As a rule of thumb, all proceedings are conducted in the state that you were arrested in. While this is the case, it’s worth mentioning that traveling for the court hearings can be overwhelming for any defendant. 

Additionally, you should note that courts are always indifferent when considering your dilemma and logistics. Therefore, you will be required to attend all court hearings in person; otherwise, you risk losing your bail!

Leaving the State Won’t Terminate Prosecution

Paying your bail and returning to your home state won’t stop the prosecution. Once you’ve been arrested while out of state, posting bail and running isn’t a sound legal strategy. 

Always remember that all states in the US work together in enforcing criminal law. Due to this collaboration, your home state can receive an extradition request from the state that you committed the crime. While this could result in additional legal charges, running away is generally an unwise way to deal with any form of criminal charges.

You Will Need an Interstate Defense Lawyer

Securing bail from any attorney is one thing and looking for a defense lawyer is another. Once you commit a crime in another state, your home state attorney won’t be able to represent you. You will have to look for a lawyer who is licensed to practice law in the state you are charged in. Although this is overwhelming, such a lawyer will be better positioned to defend you since he knows the local state laws better.

Look for a Professional Defense Lawyer Today

While this article is aimed at giving informative directions, it goes without saying that even the simplest of legal matters can be utterly complicated. A professional interstate defense lawyer can step up to address all your legal needs, represent you in court, and break down all the difficult legal jargon for you.