Apria Healthcare – Why So Many People Refuse To Use Mobility Aids

There is an enormous range of aids on the market which are designed to help those who are struggling with mobility issues at home. Mobility problems can come about because of old age, illness or even an accident, and they can seriously hamper life at home. Thankfully however there is a range of companies like Apria Healthcare which specialize in these kinds of gadgets, that make lives easier.

Unfortunately however there are still many people across the country who are struggling with mobility issues, who will not purchase items that will greatly improve their home life. These are the most common reasons why so man fail to use the support which is available to them.

Too Expensive

There are some mobility aids which do require a big investment and whilst they are helpful, many simply cannot afford them. For example the likes of stairlifts and wet rooms, come at quite the cost. With this being said we shouldn’t assume that all mobility aids are also expensive, because this simply isn’t the case. In fact there is a wide range of highly affordable aids which can seriously help people at home.

A Sense of Pride

Very often in the older generation we see them refuse the chance to get mobility aids at home because of the sense of pride which they have. This kind of stoicism results in them trying to do everything on their own, as they once could. The reality however is that no matter how proud you are, the body at some point will be less able than it once was, and this is why using aids is such a smart decision at home.

Being in Denial

In the same way that many older folks are too proud to seek help, we often see many young people who are struggling from mobility, who are almost in denial about their problems. Those who have illnesses or those who have had an accident often fall into this category. Being in denial can help in some regards, in terms of fighting and pushing to try and do things as normal. If however you do get the support which you need then you can actually end up putting your body at a high risk of further injuries and further limiting mobility. This is why it is so important for those who feel this way, to open their eyes and get the support which they really need.

Perceived Stigma

There really isn’t much of a stigma around mobility anymore, although there once was something of a stigma in those with small minds. Sadly however there are many who perceive a stigma which isn’t there, and this also holds them back from using the aids which are available, that will greatly improve their lives. If you know someone like this then try to convince them that there is in fact no stigma, and any help they get will greatly improve their home life.