And Then We Found An Apartment

We have been looking for somewhere to lay down some temporary roots, perhaps for a couple of years and we have been really struggling to work out where we want to live or  in what kind of place we want to live. We met a couple last week who were talking about being in a similar situation to us in the past, and then they hit me with this line…

“And then we found an apartment” and she said it in such a way that this just happened by chance. This was something which didn’t annoy me, but made me a little envious and so when we got home we hit the drawing board, and hit it hard, and now we know more or less what kind of thing we are looking for.


We want a safe place to be, we want somewhere that we can wander around with the kids and not worry, somewhere without people on the streets needing something from us, somewhere with low crime rate and nice people.


We are both nature lovers so this has to be a prominent feature of the place, we want to be in and around nature and if we could possibly have a garden then that would be delightful.


We’d both quite like to stay away from the commercial side of things and so that is something that we will be keeping an eye on. I appreciate the need occasionally for certain commercial outlets but in the main we’ll be happy with markets and street sellers.

Low Cost

A low cost of living means that we can afford to travel farther and for longer and that is going to be a key thing to look for. This will rule out many countries and destinations of course, and I am just fine with that.


Access to an airport is obviously going to be something that we will look for and that will make our lives easier when it comes to travel. This is not the be all and end all of course but it would be nice to be nearish to a well serviced airport which gives us many options to connect to the world.

The Space

In terms of the space a large apartment would be fine like the apartments for rent in Winter Park, 2 bedrooms and lots of living space, there would have to be a private office space and if we could get any kind of roof terrace or garden area then that would be amazing.

I understand now that the reason why that couple just ‘found’ and apartment, was because they already knew what they were looking for, now that we do too, perhaps we will have the luck that they did in just finding something which is magical and worth moving into long term. Putting down roots, despite how temporary they may be, is quite the scary experience, wish us luck on finding somewhere that meets our criteria.