The women travelling solo question

I understand why many girls would be scared about the prospect of traveling solo. I get that there are stories of girls being assaulted, raped, or in some cases worse, and I get the shock factor of that. I have to say however that if you were to take all of the women who have decided to adventure on their own and who have come back home unscathed and with the most amazing experiences to talk about, and measure them up to the very tiny percentage of girls of have had serious problems, the tragic cases would just pale in comparison.


Here is what I do accept about this argument, I accept that yes, women do have to be slightly more cautious than men in certain countries, sadly that’s just the way it is. This however, is the only aspect of this argument which I accept and that is for a number of reasons. If some stop traveling alone altogether then those countries will never change, never see women as equal and I believe that strong women traveling alone can help to change things, even if it is ever so slightly. I also say this because I have met some seriously bad ass women who stand a far better chance than many of the males I have met on the road.


I personally would travel to any country, I am not fearful and I am confident in my ability and my experience to keep myself as safe as possible. With this being said it is absolutely fine for any woman to not wish to go to Papua New Guinea for example, if they are scared of what may happen. I have no issue with women deciding that they shouldn’t go to a certain place, what I have an issue with is those women saying that they shouldn’t travel at all on their own, that is really throwing the baby out with the bathwater as the British say.

Buddying Up

I think many females misunderstand the idea of what solo travel is, many have this notion that you will wander around the planet on your own at all times, which is completely not the case. In fact during my years of solo travel I would always be part of a group or enjoying time with new friends, so the notion of being all alone is something which isn’t entirely accurate.

To finish the point here, I do not want young girls growing up and thinking that the world is off limits to them if they don’t have a strapping man to go with or a large group of friends. Bad things can happen anywhere and anytime, are there places where it is more probable? Sure, does that mean you shouldn’t go? Not at all, it just means that you go and you take extra care and stay more alert. Woman on their own are more at risk, but travel will always carry a certain level of risk with it, and I say embrace it.